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Wow. Don't let this get around. I use these as marketing tools. : )
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Humor aside, I feel the internet would be a whole lot friendlier if people understood these...

Extra points if we actually held discussions with them in mind!
+Samantha Gluck A guy can dream can't he? A world where people may not necessarily agree with each other or understand each other... but at least understand and respect their positions.

Oh, that's just the eternal optimist in me coming out to play again :)
Timely! As the political discourse heats up, it's good to remind yourselves of these. The candidates will certainly make use of them.
Wow....not a day goes by when I don't use a couple of these....uh oh...
Umm...I shared before I saw that laughing squid nailed your secret sauce recipie. Klout doesnt know I exist I am sure ;)
I feel a case of consultant bingo coming on.... :)
As a writer, marketer, and teacher this is my holy trifecta! Thanks for sharing!
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