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Get More People to Circle You on Google+

Want more people to connect with you on Google+? Here are some suggestions. (Okay, to be honest, I stole these from my blog post about how to get Twitter followers, but guess what? They apply HERE!)

Ways to Get More Followers

1.) Post unique information and insights 3-4 times a day.
2.) Comment on other people’s posts with relevant and non-spammy replies.
3.) Occasionally post something way off-topic (for whatever reason, this works marvelously).
4.) Reply 10-20 times a day (maybe more).
5.) Look for great weekly chats or hangouts.
6.) Have a great avatar photo (not an icon or logo), and a succinct bio.
7.) Search Google+ for people talking about your passions, and connect with those people.
8.) Devote 20 minutes a day (maybe more) to sharing up-and-coming people’s interesting posts.
9.) Consider hosting a Hangout yourself.

Things to do Less or Not at All

1.) Never once mention (or think about, or worry about) your Klout score.
2.) Never once think much about following “influencers.” Follow people who seem interesting.
3.) Don’t worry about resharing the big guys. They have plenty of exposure already.
4.) Don’t buy into software or other inorganic methods to help you follow more people.
5.) Don’t waste two to four hours a day on Google+ and call it lead generation. It’s the same as watching soap operas.
6.) Don’t assume no response means anything.
7.) Don’t worry about who doesn’t follow you. Worry about creating interesting value.
8.) Don’t tell people they’re doing it wrong. (Get the irony here?)
See? Most of that applies to Google+, doesn't it?
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Thanks Chris for the valuable info that i got from you in 2011. Happy Holidays!
I would also mention this - Don't spam your followers with many posts in a row...
9) Be yourself. Use the search bar function and comment on the things you like. Circle the people that engage with you, engage back with them. And +1 things like they are Xmas presents and you are Santa Claus.
Very few people publish their own thoughts and ideas
You find friends in comments a lot more often than you will find them in posts.
it was very useful.. btw do you how to activate the new interface of twitter..?
Really interesting post Chris - I think I am safe on most of those things apart from hangouts (don't even have a webcam). I certainly agree with finding friends in comments +Jeremy Hall - well, all your extra points actually.
Thanks for the tips. I definitely need to do a better job of commenting on posts! It's pretty interesting that the connection strategies really don't differ much across these two platforms. With the addition of "subscribe", I would think a similar framework would be useful for FB or even LinkedIn group strategy.
You can't really get more people of the kind you wish would circle you without interaction. Those who circle you for a post or a comment will be like a mariage based on sex. It pales eventually and one leaves the other. Nor should you care about that, either. Engage, interact, discuss. So, to sum up all the wisdom of the g+ ages: BE YOURSELF. Period. The rest will happen.
Great tips! Need to start putting them in practice. Thanks.
Thanks for the new Google+ book. Quick read!
If i had boobs, getting followers wouldn't need all of this.

On the other hand, thanks for the tips =) <Thought i'd add this up so i wouldn't be the absolute troll>
Yes, it all comes down to etiquette and interaction.
I also notice that "Top Engagers" mostly interact with other "TE's".
I post more to the people that interact with me the most.
Thanks +Chris Brogan :)
Thanks for the tips, anyway Merry Christmas.
10) Share lots of cuteoverload cat GIFs !
Thanks for sharing Chris, I will also look at your twitter suggestions. Let me know how I can help you? Fabulous content you share, and I pay attention to what you are sharing. Thanks for making a difference as I learn and engage in the exciting online world of social media. you sure do Influence me. Happy Holiday's

Even though you mention not to follow because you influence, I find your content interesting, were it does end up influencing my choices on learning online.

I've found that the way to get people to circle me is to do nothing beyond a few posts and comments a day. I get at least a dozen new followers a day without making a conscious effort to do so. Lately, I've been so busy preparing to move across the country I haven't had time to post anything original, but my few comments and shares seem to be enough to make people think I'm interesting.
Thanks Chris, now I have a better idea of how to use +
Wait a minute... I thought this was for Twitter...

Oh... it works the same way. :)
Thanks Chris, as always great advice.
This just goes to reinforce the fact that social media is about connecting with humans, and humans tend to have relatively similar behavior wherever they are. If you are nice, interesting, and consistently engage with people, they will engage back. If you don't engage, people won't notice you. If you are "spammy" they will run from you. Thanks for sharing +Chris Brogan
Thanks everyone!

+Alin Vlad - happy to help. If YOU can do something with it, it works for me. : )
+Sveinn Atli Gunnarsson - I'm guilty of that sometimes. : )
+Jeremy Hall - true that. Great addition.
+paul mooney - some day, you'll say something positive, and I will faint.
+Roshan Jerad Perera - not sure. I use Hootsuite.
+Suzy Jenkins - well, you don't have to do that. :)
+Dave Lutz - true. It would work on MOST platforms.
+Randy Resnick - I think marriage based on sex is awesome, provided the sex doesn't stop.
+Paul Mosenson - happy to supply it. Yes, it's not exactly a tome, but that's because it's more about the business and less about the apps.
+Kareem Gamal - Boobs. You're not wrong. : )
+Catherine Morgan - cat gifs definitely do the trick, too.
+Claude Rieth - yes! Cute helps. (Sadly, but true.)
+Monica Nielsen - right, but that's more like following someone you get useful information from. You don't follow me BECAUSE I'm someone.
+Amy Gerrish - that's MY excuse, anyhow.
+George Beckingham - that's definitely a great way to do it.
+Craig Jarrow - I saw that it applied here, too, with just a few edits. : )
+Shawn Vieira - thank YOU!
+Cecilia Edwards - true that. People do run from spam.
add me to yours mate .... a right proof it works ! merry christmas!
+Chris Brogan Dude, I thought we all came over here to avoid the throngs of fake friends on Facebook and followers?! I'm so confused ;)
Does anyone else see the irony of Chris stating "3.) Don’t worry about resharing the big guys. They have plenty of exposure already." ...yet 31 of you have reshared this?
I want to connect with people in my community...which G+ sucks for.
So that means we shouldn't reshare this, cuz you got enough share love already? ;)
I'm going to share anyway, because I know some other people who can benefit and learn from his advice - even if Chris doesn't need it :)
I don't care about internet commuities. I'm talking about connecting to my real life social network. 99% of the people I converse with over G+ are strangers. Which makes G+ a glorified interet forum and feed reader for me.

It's completely different than conversing with people I actually have a history with.
Great suggestions! Why no mention of Klout? I happen to like what they're cooking up these days?
I'm in love with G+ after an ambivalent relationship with that other social platform (hereinafter referred to as TOSP), and having forgotten my twitter password. I kind of liked twitter, but I find that the conversations are more... well... conversational over here. I like the threading. I like the fact that when I say something interesting in public, other people can pop over to my stream to see what I'm talking about and circle me without any sense of obligation. And then take me out of their circles if I turn out to be secretly boring, and there doesn't have to be any drama because we don't have to pretend that everybody we've ever encountered in our lives, virtual or physical, is somehow a "friend". (see above re: ambivalence about TOSP)
Linked In if you accept an invitation its a two way street.
Twitter and Google+ are different in that way.
Thanks for these tips! I have been waiting for something that speaks to the every day G+ user and not just a review or comparison to Facebook.
You didn't mention how to get you to follow &:)
+Chris Brogan! The reason why I love your stuff so much is because you always think of the little guy. Suggesting #8 in the first list above is what makes you so great.....
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