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Are You On Pinterest?

What do you do with it? I just used it to share a collection of the gear I use to make video productions. What do YOU use it for?
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Hmm! I've been mulling that over. Just got an invite, and I'm about to dive in. We'll see! Any recommendations?
+Chris Brogan What do you use to edit your videos? I'm trying to find a program that's easy, intuitive, and quick. Thanks!
yes I am there Pinning away. Usually when I add a jewelry item to my Etsy site I pin it and try to follow and pin others as much as possible. R U
Do you have a recommendation on a video Cam that streams?

I will never buy another cam that does not stream now that I am addicted to Hangouts.
+Chris Lang go to the Pinterest site and there will be an option for Invite. Click on that and after a couple of days you might get a mail from Pinterest if you are "In".
Infographics, Fun, TV, Food, Geek Stuff, Apps, Beautiful girls... well... Everything that makes life fun! :D
So far I've been using it to capture kick-ass meals Kristina and I have made. We have so many cookbooks that it's hard to recall which book/magazine our favorites our in. I take a picture of the recipe & record the book/mag name & page #
I use it to feed my desire for food porn. Of course. But Pinterest really kicked into gear for me when I started using it to communicate with my clients as a) a makeup artist and b) a fashion stylist. You see, the art of a pin isn't "love" or "must have" it is an explanation of the why and the how. Or something incredibly clever. So you'll see my +Simon Salt board and +Lynette Young just to throw in some names you would know and love.
In all honesty, I don't yet see the point (for me personally), but then again, I was slow to grasp Google+ too.
I use it to promote recipes from my food blog. I have great pictures of my recipes and people have been re-pinning. I love the that you can pin links. Gets people to my website.
@roland - imovie on Mac or Windows Media Maker on PC.
I'm an amateur food photographer and I like to share my weekly creations. Pinterest is great for ideas and inspiration!
This is great! I was just looking for info on video gear. I keep my "bucket list" on Pinterest.
I use it to pin personally pleasing works of art and photos of contemporary dance companies. Wish they had an Android App, tho.
Hi +Chris Brogan I use Pinterest for a variety of things. I use it to share blogs I love, books I love, music I love and I sneak in some of my photography as well. I see Pinterest as a valuable tool and, just like when Google+ first came out and I had to figure out the best way to utilize circles, I am feeling my way around Pinterest to figure out how to best utilize my boards.
+Andrea Katz Just followed you on Pinterest. As +Chris Brogan will tell you, I kind of have an out-of-control problem with book buying. For January, I wasn't allowed to buy any, but we went to Barnes the other night and since it's Feb. I was able to get my fix :)
Maybe I'm the only person who is not amazed and exhilarated by yet another image sharing service. And, yes, I realize that Pinterest is far more than just sharing photos. But the boards I've seen are nothing but photo collages. I can get the same thing - plus a healthy amount of sarcasm - from Reddit.
I use it for my lingerie business, mixing up pretty things I find with silly stuff that amuses me.
I think pintrest is a great concept. I wish I could use it to save interesting things I see on G+ that I don't have time to look at right away. Unfortunately it doesn't like G+ URLs.

Pintrest FEELS right, but I just don't want to be bothered at this point. I look at it as Bookmarks on steroids. Once they iron out a few wrinkles and more people get involved I might go back to it.
@roland - imovie on Mac or Windows Media Maker on PC.
+Chris Brogan started using it for #TopCoder to share tech, innovation, crowdsourcing stuff - seen some good participation so far and we're going to create a SXSW board which should be a lot of fun too - I like it, it's easy and funny enough, stuff I tweet from Pinterest seems to get shared more as well so far ...
+Chris Lang if you want an invite someone has to send it to you through their facebook account. I don't remember but I think it can be done via email. I think they tried to do what Google+ did that generated so much buzz so quickly, and it didn't work out for them as well. Last July Twitter had a constant stream of people looking for invites. Pintrest pulled some nice numbers though. took the words right out of my mouth...was just going to post tomorrow the same question..what do you do with Pinterest if you do not have a recipe,retail store, etc?
I've only been on it a week and am still defining my strategy, but am using it as a mixture of personal interest stuff and things related to my site. (Which is for women growing older on our own terms.) So I will have personal stuff like inspiring photographs, home ideas etc., and boards which are more directly related to my site: images from my blog posts, photos of strong and inspiring women in our age demographic etc. I was attracted to it partly because at the moment at least membership is predominantly female.
I was wondering if you differentiate yourself in pictures...just like anywhere else..would it work?..for example...Luxury Home Real some of the coolest houses...would this ever connect you to others?...would it lead to any ROI of your time...
I'm mostly using it to catalog ideas for a home addition we've had on our minds lately. Oh, and things on wheels that make me drool.
Just joined recently and haven't started pinning. Was trying to decide how best to use it. You all have given me some great ideas!
Like some of the others here, I use it to provide a little bit more exposure to things I have for sale, but more to share images of some of the wonderful things I've sold in the past. (Those are uploaded photos, so they don't really live up to the full Internet-connect Pinterest format.)

I also use (and now rely on) Pinterest to keep track of and share recipes I've found online and loved.
Music, products, blogs ... It's all so wonderful!

If any of you have an appreciation for paperweights, I've uploaded some photos of some awesome paperweights and have a few more to eventually add. (The paperweights aren't self-promotion; they're either already being loved by new owners or staying right in my own personal collection! :) )
I can't seem to get enough of Pinterest! Still figuring out how best to use it, but I've noticed I'm able to connect a LOT of people I may not have connected with through other Social Media channels.
BTW... got your Google+ book... love it! Going through it slowly to try and apply things.
do you have to be invited to join pinterest?
As an individual, I'm using it to note stuff I covet, stuff I have, designs that inspire, places I want to go...the usual. (and I used my wife's as a cheat sheet for all her Christmas presents)

As a brand rep, I've been watching and wondering about the implications of companies pinning images they don't own licensing or copyright for.
+Holly Elliott that's one of the things I love about Pinterest - such beautiful randomness like your paperweights.
+Stewart Rogers That's a great idea for a bucket list...think I'm gonna pin some stuff this weekend on that board.
Thanks +Tony Busko - I think it was one of the first ideas I had for using Pinterest. Keeps me focused on doing what I need to so I can achieve them.
You can use it for pretty much anything that involves pictures. I love Pinterest!
You can see the logo on a few of these but is there a way to add the product name in those boxes?
I'm getting into Pinterest. I think it can be a great tool for building a vision board for life or business. I love how it feels like your looking at a magazine.
I'm completely addicted to Pinterest for personal use! Bucket list places to visit, craft ideas, recipes, party ideas, DIY projects...the list goes on. If anyone needs an invite, message me as I'm happy to get others hooked!
I use it for both business and personal stuff. I often post my curated content on business storytelling there, along with infographics I like. I also post fiber art from my studio. When I get a site set up to sell that I'll link my studio photos when I pin.

I also use Pinterest for keeping photos of places to visit for upcoming trips. I can view these on my phone when I'm at the place I'm visiting to figure out what I want to do next.

I'm starting to comment more and interact with people there. All in all, it's a ton of fun! Wish more guys were there.
I started using it as a "goal board" then it grew!!! Now I use it as a way to enlarge my vision of life, now & in my foreseeable future!!!
I use it for my interest in natural and tiny houses. Great way to organize inspirational houses I find, so that when the time comes for me to build my own house I've got plenty of inspiration. I've got a board for tiny, natural, earthbag, earthship, cob, log, wilderness, and cordwood homes, you name it. I wish you could add a pin to multiple board simultaneously though.

I also use it for vision boarding, and will definitely create a bucket list. Thanks +Stewart Rogers for the idea.

Here's mine:
I'm still trying to figure out the best way to use it for business, for personal use I agree its a fantastic food porn site, and also useful as a vision board. Following the links above to see how they are using it. Thanks!
I will start following all of u if that is ok. Love good recipies n clothes books all of it 
I dint know mine by heart but will get link tomorrow. Look forward to learning more.
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