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100,000 of you are receiving my updates. Who are YOU? What matters to you? What's interesting and important and worth reading about here? 
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Anything with "idea popping Ninja's" is cool in my book. 
Hey +Chris Brogan met you briefly at SXSW. What's interesting to me is helping others to be successful so any posts with motivation tips and inspiring stories are great 4 me :) 
I tried asking a similar question a week or so ago and had only one response, so I am going to respond.

I am a died in the wool geek. If it has to do with online marketing, communication, design, or photography I want to know about it. Mostly though, I just like meeting people. I follow you, and many others like you, to challenge my own thoughts and experiences.

Have an awesome day.
I think I'm following b/c it's a search/social sin NOT to follow you. I'm not sure what I'm looking for out of you, save that you are here and sharing. You don't have to please me with posts, just have a stream you can be happy with. #ZEN
I'm a film and commercial producer/writer, challenged by content creation ironically enough. You've been a generous inspiration.
I'm a geek and a software dev.  I like tech stuff, science, humor and philosophy (no, not meme's).  I like people that interact in writing, and that do more than just drive-by plussing, and that interact with people that comment their posts.  Engagement is not necessarily about having a large number of followers, but having a circle of people that take time to really connect with you, and that appreciate you really connecting with them. Edit: Oh - and I also really appreciate people that dare have an opinion of their own!
Venezuela Architect working with Google Apps and all its services for business and Edu... 

keep posting............ and thanks. 

My experiment for you would be to ask this exact question on another platform (i.e. Facebook, Twitter) and see what the response is. Be an interesting experiment to see what the "real" level of engagement is around +
If we didn't follow, who would? I think we follow because you engage with so many people and we're just trying to figure out how you do it. 

I think you have some Keebler elves on your payroll but that's just a conspiracy theory of mine.
+Anthony Verre he'd probably get about 5 responses, none to the level of engagement that you'd find here :) 
+Anthony Verre - if I ask on FB, I have far fewer followers because I use it 100% personal there. If I ask on Twitter, the @mentions are so messy, I can't see them. It would fail on impact. G+ is the best for two way conversations. 
Communications Global Online Business in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, South Korea, and I can Cell phones, the Internet, and to replace the TV, or to introduce us!
+Chris Brogan I'm on it. Are there lots of idea popping ninjas throughout the newsletter? If so I'm a fan for life! :-)
As for the rest of the gang, thank you. : ) 
+Chris Brogan Congratulations on 100K followers. :]
Well deserved.

I'd love to see some hangouts with writing / blogging tips.
I signed up at the bottom but not sure if it "registered." +Chris Brogan Ok I've got it now. 
1. - I'm a social visionary and explorer of life.
2. - I want to find out the answer to WHY.  What's at the end of the rainbow?
3. - Your perspectives give me alternate angles to view what's ahead socially online.  I hit those dead ends of thought sometimes.
Your posts are awesome. A tasteful mix of fun and thought provoking content. I find g+ very exciting and a cleaner way to follow and engage.
Listen, learn & grow with the best the social web has to offer... Besides, you invented the social web, didn't you Chris? : )
Hi +Chris Brogan, Loved your presentation at WDS and just finished reading Google+ for Business. I write about simplicity in life and business and believe that when you can simplify your business and focus on what matters most, you are free to do good work. 

I help people figure that out, and am currently running a small blogging course called the "Goodblog Project". Next week we are doing a G+ Challenge/Experiment based on some of your suggestions. 

Looking forward to learning more from you! Even when I'm not learning, you are making me laugh and that is just as important. 
Congrats +Chris Brogan . I'm on Twitter, Facebook & G+ regularly and I have to agree that conversations are easiest on G+. I'm into science, health, technology & photography/art, all of which I post about on Twitter. I'm mainly posting my photography on FB & G+ though because, unfortunately, I don't get as much response to the other subjects... which bums me out.
I'm a happy dad and VP at a Production Company.  Social media marketing and guidance is always welcomed. If you have book publishing advice and stories from your experience, that would be great!
The fact that you asked that is enough. Leading through example. 
Turning my ordinary retirement lifestyle into something outrageous, traveling 3 months each year and helping others do the same.
Kudos for not only asking but engaging with those who responded.
Educator and Tutor - I once contacted your company for help with my very small business but never received a response. Plus you are personal friends with a classmate of mine from Pratt. Congrats on the 100K
Most of all, in life, I want to be balanced. I'm a big fan of "yes and," and I don't believe in black and white thinking as a way of navigating through life.

I think that it's possible to be a part of the system AND be independently successful simultaneously. I believe it's possible to be creative and be logical. I also believe it's possible to be a profitable business and be socially responsible. The list goes on...

Could you write something about balance, and/or about not sacrificing one thing for another?
I just look for interesting posts.  Mostly, I follow technology.
These are awesome responses. Look at what +Bert Jerred  is working on. Look at +Ralph Carlson 's adventure. Wow! Who cares about the me part? Look at all the cool things YOU are doing.! : ) That's why I'm here. 
+Robert Craven  - same thing I do every night, pinky. Think about how better to use this platform. : ) 
Who are you again? Sorry Irish humour! Continually inspire me with insightful and forward think thought processes. No pressure now! :) 
With a name like Brogan you had to be English or Irish, you are far too intelligent to be English English! :) sorry couldn't resist
+Chris Brogan loved your post on how social media should be utilized. People crave substance and transparency more than just good products. Not everyone falls into the cult of personality trend either.
Advice for small businesses and "day 1" strategy are the absolute best from you.
Love it! Is that a Wicklow McKinney or a Donegal McKinney? Just joshing, keep up the splendid work, your insights are obviously of real value to many. I think that is some thing that you can be reasonably proud of.
It's easy enough to find interesting people and content here. What I really wish is that my friends and family were on here so I could share photos securely and do hang outs, et cetera.
Thanks, +Chris Brogan! I was surprised to see the shirt! :)

Glad you are doing well!

I don't engage as much here on G+ as on Twitter. Not sure why. It would seem that G+ is more conducive to conversations. I guess I would like to see deeper dives into topics here on G+.

PS - Was already planning to drop you a line this week about a project that arose at Blogworld. (I mean,... NMX). Hope to connect soon. :) 
I am here at G+ more than most places ,wish I could get camera to work on here again
I started following you on twitter, so it seems logic to follow you here as well. Must honestly say that i'm not here often. But somehow you inspired me. 
An Internet nut from the Midwest. Faster technology and bandwidth speeds. I love hearing about new ideas and they don't even have to be good ones.:-)
Sorry +Chris Brogan, but this thread seems useless. It's a bunch of "Oh, you're so wonderful, Chris" comments from people that want to get attention for themselves. Good for your ego and their Klout score, but of little true value to anyone else. 
Thank you for your email this morning. It was spot on. I'm new enough to have only received 3, but yours are among the very few emails like this I actually read from top to bottom every time.
+Matthew Delaney - glad it resonated. Thank you! : ) 

+Michael Yoder - so who would you fault for that? I asked a question that could be answered any way. And why should you care? Are you the thread critic? Does it give you value to come and comment on threads you don't like? It's not as awesome as repeatedly promoting your group, I admit, but why bother telling me you don't like it? 
Chris, I enjoy your newsletter. You have a way of simplifying and using layman's terms to getting the point across. I like the link to everyday life to what we are trying to do in social media and business. So keep doing what you are doing.

As far as who I am, like many others I am trying to build good relationships on line and trying to find the best way to leverage it in the business space. More recently for pharma and healthcare. BTW I saw your tips on Pharma iQ.
Would like more insights on using G+ for Internet marketing.  How to make use of the G+ Pages and mixing with G+ personal.
+Jim Ball - almost not at all so far, with regards to pages. They don't do much yet for people. Soon. But not yet. So I gather. 
What matters to me is that you are real and approachable!  When I read your Sunday newsletter, it seems like we are talking (way more than mere reading). One day when I become an entrepreneur, I want to be able to connect with my customers the way you connect with yours. What I always look forward to getting from your newsletters/blogs/posts is how to be honest (and still make money).  I recently read your Google+ for your business ( and I hope the next edition talks more about the G+ pages as it has evolved a ton since the last edition.
What's interesting for me to read about here are the quirky things you find interesting.  Though not much of a geek by practice, I like the randomly cool stuff you post here. And I like your focus on human connections - it's something I'm constantly trying to get better at, personally and professionally.
I agree with Ajay. I follow you and read your newsletters because you behave like a real person.

 This thread is interesting because people have commented in a very human and open way. You do that; you create an atmosphere where this happens.
You have also allowed me to connect with some very interesting people on Twitter 
I want to make an impact on the world. Sharing and seeing what other people can do make me feel like I can too.

Its nice to reach out and connect with people who have great ideas and have already made an impact on me.

Authors I respect, blogs I follow, technology i'm interested in, philosophies I appreciate. Its all available in human form on google+
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