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Earning Attention

Honestly, this is a bit of a rant, but some of you will have felt this one. Others will be surprised by something I said that somehow comes as a shock and a reinforcement to you.

Don't share this post. : )
Radar. When I post something new to this blog, I make the effort to go onto Twitter and ask a question that leads back to the post. I also do some things to get people's attention via Google+. It&...
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+Loren Feldman - honestly? I probably would. At least you're fucking DOING something interesting. At least you're taking a different stab. That's why I'm sad your project didn't get funded. But whatever. You seem CLOSE to being on to something new.
Rants are good for the soul at time Chris!
A relevant and valid rant on multiple levels Chris. This is the snippet that more people and plussers should make note of

Asking for Retweets Isn’t Marketing

These requests for retweets and reshares fall into two categories: desperation and nice-to-have. I’ve just started to outright ignore the desperate. If you’re counting on me to save you with retweets, you’re not quite marketing, are you? If it’s nice-to-have, I’ve taken to thinking about whether you’ve talked to me socially in any capacity except to ask me for something in the last several months. That lets me ignore another whole swath of requests
Well said. I tend to follow the "if you build it, they will come" method. I just throw content out there and believe that the right eyeballs will find it at some point. I tend to avoid the beggars. 
Thanks for the kind words Chris. Really appreciate it. I'm always close to something it seems. Finally getting a little support so it's getting easier. Don't worry about the retweet. you know I was fucking around. I usually only ask that stuff of you for others I'm trying to help. In fact, this guy is doing something great, +Michael Bernstein is really trying to save the world in his own way. He needs help. m I have no financial interest with him, just seems like a nice man to me doing something good. Anyway,have a cool day.
+Loren Feldman - "yelp for seeds." Jesus. I could read things like that ALL day. THAT is what needs doing.
+Chris Brogan Agreed. +Michael Bernstein a single guy boot-strapping. A menschy kinda guy just trying to do some good. He needs help. I want to try and help him. Not really sure why to be honest. We're not tight or anything. He just moved me. Thanks for helping him too.
+Loren Feldman - I was talking with one of my heroes last night, +Charles H. Green , and he kindly called me a "mensch." On a really bad day. Know what I think? If more people worked on their "mensch" scores and not on their Klout scores, the world would feel a lot less bleak.
+Chris Brogan It's a wonderful thing when someone says that to you. All about the "Mitzvahs" bro. Look it up.
+Chris Brogan , 100% agreed. More on integrity than image, more on contribution rather than cash, etc.
It’s all the basics: write useful stuff. Share useful stuff. Care about the people you hope to reach. Repeat. - Nail. On. Head.
"If more people worked on their "mensch" scores and not on their Klout scores, the world would feel a lot less bleak."

Well stated. At a very young age I concluded that someone needed to earn my respect, not just ask for it. Marketing begging feels the same. I want to support things I can believe in. Things that contribute in some meaningful way.
mensch would that be turned into "menxch" scores if turned into a dotcom?.. ugh, gotta have a silly name for the show.
Chris, you make a lot of sense. I just subscribed to the HBW newsletter. Look forward to checking it out.
It's a day of positivity on +Chris Brogan 's profile! I cannot remember the source, +Seth Godin , maybe, but there is an idea that the gifts we give freely, because it feels so good to give them, in turn moves the recipients of those gifts to give gifts of their own. The gifts are genuine and form the basis of real connections.

I think the spontaneous exchanges of gifts are too far and few between nowadays (in large part because of the need for attention that seems to serve as a piss-poor motivator for most). It's so nice to catch a wave of gift-giving going on. Keep up the good stuff!
generation: keeping score.... you figure it out..
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