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I just called the masses on Twitter without G+ accounts the non-plussed. : )
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the minuses? :P mindlesses? the subtracted?
Haahaaa!! How is that working out for you Chris?
Whatever you need to do to feel better, I guess.
Well it has it's + and it's -
Don't have enough people hating on you yet? * laugh *
We should hold a Plus-Up to get them even more non-plussed!
If you had it in the first few days are you an O.G.?
+eric andersen Liking that idea...I bet it doesn't let me + you! I guess I'd have to have you in a circle?
[non-pluhs, non-pluhs]
verb, -plussed or -plused, -plus·sing or -plus·ing, noun
–verb (used with object) render utterly perplexed; puzzle completely
You almost have to wonder if the smarty-pants developers at Google thought of that. I can just see it now: "I know, I know, let's call it Google plus and then the rest of the world will be nonplussed." :)
If they start calling us a bunch of Plussies, I'm blaming you.
2nd is still pretty high up there...
...and the influx of new users can be called the surplus! :D
I just started a hangout support group for the non-plussed but no one showed up? Oh wait... they couldn't poor saps...
Pfft, they just haven't found the G spot yet.
So .... are we plusses? Plussies? The Plussed? Instead of "hanging with my tweeps", what am I doing if I'm in hangouts?
Very good! I'm sure the masses will have really appreciated that ;)
I've been plussed since before Google! :P
LOL, Chris that is all kinds of wrong. It's not their fault they're not here yet.
star-bellied Sneetches anyone?
Or how about this one reminiscent of summer camp: We must, we must, we must increase our plus ;)
I think it was Ricky Bobby who said, "If you ain't plus, you're minus."
That's so inevitable and sooo puny....; )
I complained about not being "plussed" on my blog and guess what...I'm in now!
Well, I'm plussed now :) waves Hi Chris.
So if I say +Berni Xiong got me here she'll see I mentioned her? Ah, this is starting to make sense.
i've been invited a bizzilion times last week, but wasn't allowed...
Please be kind to them, or we will alienate them.
I was one & now I'm not so dis on while you can.
Yeah...was on the non-plussed side of the gate there for more days than I enjoyed....strange how I am now on the other side....
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