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What a moron.....showboating benefits no one...specially not your team mates.
Looks like something Desean Jackson would do. 
Makes me angry.

Hope that kid learned a lesson from that moment.

A good example of defensive determination and a bad example of offensive discipline.
Saw that. He'd have been riding some pine if it were me regardless of the talent he is.
Like Lou Holtz used to say "Act like you've been there before"
hahaha.... some really need stuff like this to happen to learn anything
Remember the days when your coach told you "act like you've been there before"! I grew up in South Texas and went to a high school where the hair had to be top of the ear and top of the collar. Coaches ruled the field - not the players. And if you scored, you better go to the nearest referee and HAND them the ball.

Times change...
sounds like Englishman to me... who always nicely stand in line to get on the bus. Not like that over here! 
Might be the first time a Texan was compared favorably to an Englishman! ;) Actually, growing up in a small Texas town taught a lot about work ethic, manners, humility and respect. Then somewhere along the way the "small town America" mentality got lost. At what cost to America...?
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