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Totally cool. Found via +Kristoffer Sorensen .
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Oh My ... bout fell out of my chair ... thanks for sharing... :)
Clever, but I can't imagine they stay on very well!
I remember a better way but I can't remember it... It was similar to this.
I'm busy duct-taping all my leads to my desk ( puppy proofing) Thats why Macs are so easy . Not a lot of wires
Wow! Such a neat idea!
Unfortunately, something more for my cats to play with. They already love the cords.
Does it get any simpler. Elegant reuse of something so ubiquitous that this should have been obvious. Thanks for sharing.
I'm already thinking April Fool trick.. and of course wondering if they would ever be in risk of melting.
I've been doing this for year and I love it! And I never seem to run out of them!
Wonderful notion, in the spirit of #diy #maker #recycling !
I love how simple and easy this is. I'm going to start saving the tags off the bread.
Awesome Chris, I have been using post it notes folded LOL!
D'oh! I've thrown so many of these out! (face palm)
Coolio! We go thru at least two of these per week. Great idea!
I've been doing this for a while. By far the best use for these that I've ever run across. Highly recommended. :)
This is fantastic. I used to use tape but this is much easier!
I use tape too and i think is safer choice. This ones will easily go off.
Interesting, but those things never seem to stay on my bread bags. Somehow, I don't think they'd stay on my cords.
Those cords all look suspiciously tidy - lol. Now if I took a picture from behind my TV / PVR ...
+Brian Buckley Tidy and dust free. Am I the only one who never seems to dust behind the furniture where the cords are?
Most of our PCs are laptops, so the cords aren't an issue. Rest of the house, different story and yes +Jason Levine plenty o dust.
what a good idea i am going to use it. Gracias!
Great idea! Recycling is good--reminds me of guitar picks cut from promotional credit cards!
I use grey velcro strips to tame the cords - write on them with a sharpie
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