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Your ticket to a special private conference in NYC costs only 20 books (that's under $400). Who's speaking? So far, +Julien Smith , +Mitch Joel , +Charles H. Green , +Chris Brogan (me!), and several more secret guests. Get your 20 book ticket today! (BEFORE Oct 24th deadline) 

We promise you NOTEBOOKS full of takeaways for your own success. 
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I ordered 25...
I am looking forward to sharing this book.
I did put the URL to my receipt in the form thingy. My mailing address is on the form. The incentives to order are exciting,but I am genuinely delighted to be able to share your work with others.
I could have saved many years of studying what it means to be genuine and how communicating from that genuine core transforms business, if I had discovered you sooner.

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