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My (controversial) webinar on how to use Google+ for business and networking goes live in about 40 minutes (12PM ET), and WILL BE RECORDED. If you're looking to shortcut the process and learn a bit more about the product, including tips and tricks and some possible shortcuts, sign up now (either for the live show, or to receive the recording):
You've finally gotten your Google+ invite and have logged in, but now what? Where do you start? What are you missing? How do you do this or that? There's a
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controversy is good for business. 
Chris, why is it controversial? If you're helping someone understand something, I can't see why anyone would have a problem with that.
Oh, it's not controversial to me. Just several blog posts and annoyed + posts have raised the bar.

They get me more buyers. I'm happy for them. : )
It was indeed a weird debate yesterday as to why Chris was charging for his webinar. The controversy of it must have gotten lots of hits to your site i'm assuming. There is nothing like bad press
That's very nice to hear... everybody is on business and network, it could be also "on the cloud office administration"... :-)
It's only controversial if you hate capitalism and the free market. I can't make it, but I hope it is successful for you...
Good luck, Chris. It's worthwhile service you're providing.
How much is does the recording cost? I'll be interested to hear people's take on the webinar afterwards. Sorry I wont be there live, I am probably the one person on Google+ that has logged more hours than you. ;)
Ah. Meh - forget the haters, and just focus on what you do. I'm sure I don't need to tell you that, though. ;)
I'm of the opinion that businesses often quickly erode the quality of interactions on a social network, especially while it's young. However, knowing Chris, this will be good, helpful and enlightening.
Does "will be recorded" mean that those of us who can't make it can catch it later? Please? :o)
How much can one man know after two weeks?
Chris, Good luck man. Wish I could attend.
Controversy almost always surrounds breakthrough thinking.
People have paid for information for ages. And they will continue doing so.

In a world full of lazy people it's admirable that a) someone gives a shortcut for those who are lazy/don't have time b) someone is entrepreneurial to sell information in easily received form. But my dad used to also say that the people who sell ice in Iceland are not stupid; it's the people buying it. Simple as that; if you don't need the product offered, don't buy it. Kudos for offering this; because there are always people who will buy ice, even in Iceland, going back to .. world full of lazy people. 
I'm going to have to catch the recorded show.
A wise marketer once said: "The most dangerous thing for a branded product is low interest."
After all the years of free information +Chris Brogan has given away to the blogging and social media community, I am more than happy to finally pay him for some of his expertise.

Meanwhile, from a purely economic standpoint, if I take away at least one nugget of wisdom that saves me a few minutes every day, it's more than worth it. Just 5 minutes/day adds up to over 30 hours/year!
AUGH! Same here...grateful it will be recorded!
Thanks for putting the work out there, Chris. Can't wait to hear what you have to say. My own take is controversy is often a sign your on the right path, esp when you're not just doing it for the sake of controversy.
Can't make it this afternoon but I am looking forward to the recording!
Oh, Elizabeth, I'm not lazy either and I just paid $47 to tune in! So worth the money - I don't want to put 250 hours in learning about G+ if I can get the short version in 2 hrs. You can get almost any information online for free if you have the time to do the research, and I assume that's what the people critiquing say. 
I've probably logged more than 250 hours on Google+ myself, and while I've discovered a lot of tips and tricks of my own, I haven't necessarily discovered the same set of tips and tricks that Chris has. So I expect that even a power user like me will still get something out of this.
Wondering how to change the order of the circles "Stream" on the left side bar.
Has it started? My screen says "Download complete" and "Your webinar session should start in a few seconds." but nothing else is happening.
On the session now learning some great tips on G+
Good way to push some interest your way Chris.
I think Chris is playing a little bit of the P.T. Barnum act ;)
Chris - Have they opened up Google+ for businesses yet? Or are you giving folks a preview of what's to come based on your experience using it thus far as a person who is his brand?
Justin: It's controversial because Google has specifically stated that businesses cannot create G+ accounts and they are actively shutting the ones that did down, even some very large high profile companies. Once Google launches business pages later this year it will make sense to use it for business, but IMO, not before.
$47 is a great price, and I'll happily pay ... but 9:00 am pacific sucks. No time to get settled into the office. Where's the link to the recording??
I'm in. Missed the first hour. Awesome that you are recording! Can't wait to see the first half!
So bummed I miss this, Chris, and hope to see the recording. Is the link a paid link (if prob). I have been on Google+ for two days and am thrilled at the possibilities it shows for my biz and my clients'. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
+Chris Brogan You talk SO FAST! Thank goodness you are recording this -- the PAUSE button will be very helpful!
Yes, I would like to know how I can access an archived version if possible.
Can't wait to read your debrief on how it went.
Chris - I think you hit a G+ comment limit on your post "I'm thinking of starting a circle where I'll share marketing and business information specifically. Do you want that information? Just comment on this post. A plus1 isn't a comment in this case. Just comment, and I'll add you to that outgoing circle if I do this." There are 500 comments, so I'm guessing Google has cut off the ability to comment. Interesting.
I cant comment on your previous post about business and marketing circle. I'm guessing 500 comments is max for Google+?
+Chris Brogan - the comments are filled for your marketing/biz info post. Would love to be added into that circle. (guess we now know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a G+ Circle).
+Chris Brogan : Thank you, that was a really great seminar. I am very glad that I invested the time and money to attend. Not only did I learn some new things about Google+, but you persuaded me to take a different approach to how to use the service. I'm also much better prepared to give Google+ tutorials to all my friends and family members who have been asking me for help. :)

Also, thank you for being so generous about answering so many of my questions. I know I had a lot (I was passing on some questions from my readers) and it was very kind of you to take the time to answer all of them. You were very helpful to many people today!
I see! I had the same issue Perry. I could not figure out why I couldn't comment on Chris' last post.
Same here, maybe a comment cap. I would like to be added to the marketing/business circle.
Need a link to the recorded session - would love to find out more
Please post a link to the recorded session when it's available.
Time well spent with your webinar this morning, Chris. Good idea to leave a big swath of time for questions (despite you having to answer the same ones repeatedly!). Thanks.
Is there a link for recorded webinar?
+Chris Brogan I tried commenting on your post for the marketing circle buy I guess you've disabled it already. If you still got room add me plz!
I personally got a lot out of the webinar and I am glad you had it. Now I get to write blog posts about it for my bosses
+Nancy Davis Hey Nancy I didn't catch the webinar, so let me know when you publish your blog so I can catch up on what I missed!
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