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Yes. Businesses without an app or an extremely well-done mobile site get on my last nerve.
I think we'll all start to hear about "app fatigue" in the near future as our phones fill up with scores of different apps. In my industry, for example, if every OVP and webcast provider used an app to deliver their clients' content, viewers would need dozens of different apps on their phones just to catch a few webinars each week. Companies should focus on optimizing their mobile web experience, and not rely solely on applications. 
Other problem with apps is that nowadays there's a need for three apps: Android/iPhone/WindowsPhone. When I'm planning mobile services, every time I'm seriously thinking about mobile optimized scalable web site. And yes, most of the time I found a multifunctional website more useful.
There has been a lot of debate on this subject but it comes down to two main things. A mobile website is accessible to everyone and is much easier for your potential clients to find you. Plus a mobile website works across all the platforms unlike an app which needs to cater for the three main platforms. Also I think an app is better served as a customer retention tool.
I think Chrome Browser will meet business requirement than apps. Although, Chrome Browser for Android Smartphones are not that the same capability as the normal chrome, I can see potentials on it...
No, but they definitely need good mobile access. I know I'm not alone though with being irritated by being asked to download an app when all I want to do is look at some basic information about the business.
To clarify my statement, all businesses don't need a native app, but they need to provide a level of mobile access that actually represents their business. Many don't have an app and their mobile presence is laughable at a time when you can pretty much create a mobile site/app just as advanced and pleasing to use as a native app.
Brick and mortars don't need and app, but just about every service and internet store needs either an app or a we done mobile site. It depends if just want the mobile user to find you and read about you, or actually buy via smartphone.
The simple fact of the matter is, people have limited amounts of space on their phones, and the clutter of dozens upon dozens of apps means that most of them won't get used.  I think the focus should be on designing a mobile-friendly site first and foremost, and then evaluate if there's any added benefit you can get from a standalone app.
Thanks +Chris Brogan for sharing. 
Consumers love apps and are spending more time with them all the time as they migrate many everyday activities to mobile. As mobile application usage continues to grow, this presents a unique opportunity for most brands to reach consumers in mobile.
Greetings from Brazil.
I don't like to install a ton of apps on my phone and slow it down so for anything that I use occasionally I don't really need an app. Also the should give me some feature the web app can't like offline access for example. 

I do know a bit of +Android programming and I guess I will have to learn iOS and WP coding too if I ever decide to publish apps. Web is (relatively ) standard based making it easier for developers. 
Corporate apps are a dead end. Make better use of integrating into existing apps. Use RSS.
It sucks that every site and service feels it needs an app. Quite often the apps end up serving web pages anyway but it is a branding exercise. On the long run big players will have their apps and the others will be neglected as people have too many apps to deal with.
Yes, they do it, if its costumers are asking for. I don't know if things are changing with HTML5 and the new browsers but, until now, they were slower than native Apps
It's good when the apps do something well, even being faster would count. But I have tried store apps which haven't been updated for sometime. Sometimes businesses think they must have an app but have no clear idea what it should do.
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