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Instagram is down. I had eggs and beans for breakfast. You're all okay. 
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+Chris Brogan Geez I'm glad I wasn't the only one going crazy with the "Failed" message...
Good opportunity to check out Streamzoo (it's better anyway).
We're going to get through this!
Got Streamzoo? It's better anyway.
guy yak
thatz what happens to any bride of facebook in a shotgun wedding | run #shutterfly   |
Instawhat? I never would have know, if people on twitter didn't complain about it all day. Why use instagram when google+ is much easier when sharing photos. I don't care for instagram, will not miss it when it is gone.
Gone? Haha, not going to happen +Joel Neild Instagram is Instagram. Nothing is like it. It is a mobile platform. Have you tried G+ on mobile? whoa Not the most stable app and it is large. The world is mobile. And the tweets were there. One thought her iPhone might be broken. You see, it is just a thing that has become apart of the mobile world. One, more people on Instagram than G+....WAY more. Two, it is the one thing that can make you smile as you jolt from a meeting to another and your little one's face is there on your phone with jelly plastered ear to ear.
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