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Google+ is a New Refrigerator

None of my friends is here. No one I know is here. 

This is like buying a refrigerator and saying, "There's nothing in this fridge. Where's all the food?" 

There are tons of people here. We're just tired of telling you we're here because you don't know how to search. <- 3rd party tool but really useful. 
Search. Explore. Friendsurf. Look at the communities. 

This is your new fridge. Fill it up!
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Check out the Communities too. There are tons of like-minded conversations going on over there.
But the food here is so good and fresh. That blue fridge? Yuck!
This fridge is a nice place without the mold..
Haha great way to look at it, i think we're in a special time where we get to be the pioneers of google+, it's gonna be big
Well said!

I've met some great new people here on G+ and regularly communicate with a small number of people whom I've known for years here as well.  Most I know still say 'there's no one there'.  My response is similar to Chris'.
Just had someone ask me "Does anyone actually use G+?"

My response to that is "It was only a few years ago when the guys over a MySpace were asking - Does anyone actually use Facebook?"
I'm new to G+ but I am seeing a lot of people I know and am finding "nobody home" G+ business pages on top of the search engine rankings and helping people "move in."
Worry not. Read Guy Kawasaki's Google+ book keeping in mind it is a ethical bribe tome very worth your time investment. Google+ rocks and is second only to FB in terms of numbers, should that matter to you.
None of my friends are here. No one I know is here.

That's in fact the exact reason for me to LOVE G+. It allows me to get to know new people, create new connections with my own purpose - no social pressure to add/follow anyone as you'll get as FB.

FB is the place for me to hang around to keep in touch with people I know in real life, and G+ is the place for me to learn, to exchange ideas, to meet interesting people, to inspire and be inspired.
nice analogy chris. but the anal me has to point out - it should be "none of my friends IS here" not are :)
Yes, something I could relate to instantly...  or a bit like children playing with (safety sealed/empty) medicine bottles - they've been told it's good for them and they need it, so they're making the best of it, despite it not having any ice cream or cake attached.
Great metaphor, +Chris Brogan. Now that Google+ is gaining serious traction, would you ever consider using Google's commenting system exclusively on your blog? 
I like your term "friend-surfing." I read about it in your book. I think the concept works great on Twitter and Facebook ... But how do you do it on Google+?
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