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As the article says:

" genuinely need to search “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.”"
Unless you’ve been lost on planet Hoth for the past year, you’ll probably be aware that "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" will be in cinemas by this time next month. To help ease the excitement of your inner geek, Google has revealed they have hidden some Star Wars Easter eggs in their programs and websites.
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+Kelly Love we need this say get one with cats on it..but only Yorick is the guard cat in our house!
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+Ben Schwartz was talking about how we should get rid of this!
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Make it so

Via +Carmelyne Thompson
TIME magazine has a great article up today about one of the most important things we're working on at Google: the universal assistant. Simply searching for web pages isn't what people want, nowadays: they want to be able to talk into their computer (or into their phone, or simply speak into the void) and have it understand what they mean, what they want, and make it happen.

I'm extremely excited about this area: So excited, in fact, that I've made it into my day job. For the past several months, I've been focusing on this full-time, and this is what I expect to be spending the next several years on: making "ambient computing" -- computing that is seamlessly present wherever you are, so easily accessible that you barely even realize that you're interacting with a computer -- a worldwide reality.

You may not know this, but before working on Google's social products, I spent years building major chunks of our search systems and our systems infrastructure; the "universal computer" has long been a dream of mine.

I often tell people that "any technology distinguishable from magic is insufficiently advanced." That's more than just a quip: the defining feature of magic is that it transforms your wish for what the world should be like into physical reality, without you having to perform any intervening steps. ("Abracadabra" is not just a nonsense word: it's Aramaic, "avra ke-davra," "may it come to pass as I have spoken." It's all about your words turning into reality.)

To achieve that, we have to go far beyond simple things like search: we have to have systems that make it easy for people to interact with and extend the assistant to do everything conceivable. That's where I'm spending my time, and I'm looking forward to being able to tell people more in the future!
It's right out of Star Trek—literally
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Free is generally good, but this time its really good. Go get it.
Scary good deal.
It's close to midnight and a good deal is lurking in the dark. Under the moonlight you see a price that nearly stops your heart. You try to scream, but the... by Jeff Beck in Deals, Google, News
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Been waiting for this for 2 years now and needed it desperately in May 2015 when my promotional storage expired and I had to delete several photos since I did not know which ones take up space and I was just guessing the time frames.. Lost several photos from google photos as they would not respond to emails for support or feedback for over 2 years when I had foreseen this being an issue.

All I was asking for then was to be able to know which ones take space...sop I could download just those and re-upload at standard definition.
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Parents...its always difficult to explain to your kids why they shouldnt do drugs..they always ignore advice thinking, "well I wont be a drug addict", or "ill be careful", or "my parents never did any drugs, they dont know what they are talking about" and more...

Well, bookmark this clip and just show them this. All he did was what every kid thinks is ok to do at some party. Have an ecstasy pill and enjoy the night.

Well he posted this for awareness and I feel showing this to your children instead of just telling them "dont do drugs, they are bad for you", should yield better results.

I hope he recovers. He has a long future ahead of him and this one mistake could make it a very difficult one.

As he says, share for the awareness! Not for sympathy, or the likes. I wanted to share this from his facebook post but facebook only allows me to share to facebook. Here it ill be cross-posted to all my social networks and I hope anyone who sees it will share it on theirs.

It does not matter what your political, religious or racial beliefs are, I think everyone can agree that this should be shared.
Jordy Hurdes is a 20-year-old Australian guy who went partying like 20-year-olds do. He took an ecstasy pill, but instead of finding joyous release on the dance floor with a handful of glow sticks, he
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It's always good to have vpn options
Private Tunnel is a new approach to true Internet security creating a Virtual Private Tunnel (VPT) or Virtual Private Network(VPN) that encrypts, privatizes, and protects your Internet traffic.
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I hope this option is available for several contacts....
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3.6 GB recovered.. All because the stupid backup option would revert to full size every time I flashed a phone in the old days (which happened to be once a week :P), so I kept on losing storage space.

Just go to:

and click recover space.

If only this was live in May I would have saved a few months worth of photos...
It's live. Go reclaim some of your storage.
As announced yesterday, Google Photos is now ready to offer you an option to downgrade your photos and reclaim some storage space in your account. The opti... by Rita El Khoury in Google, News
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An Engineer and a Geek....or vice versa :P
Electrical engineer and all around geek. Into latest technology, video games, comics, anime and anything geeky really.

I am the goto guy for all my friends when they want advise on the newest tablet, home theater system, pc setup, surveillance unit...anything. Even as simple as best coffee maker.

I started a website for pc repairs as a hobby but have no time to actually work on it, however every month I end up repairing at least one friends computer for free. That doesn't mean if you add me in your circle you will get free repairs :P

Ask me if you want more information. I might tell you ;)
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Very big Barnes and noble and always stop by to see if they have any of my favorite board games on clearance there. They always exchange board games bought from there from friends, without the receipt, which is convenient for me as friends will sometimes get me a game I already have. (Some say it's because I have too many board games already..I day bahumbug to them!)
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Classic Starbucks service but very busy during morning today hour and have gotten my order wrong a couple of times and unlike other Starbucks, they didn't offer to change it. OK but not a preferred location. Just convenient when I was there for a business trip.
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Very nice staff, well organized layout. Free parking would have been appreciated. The hotel is pricey enough to include that in price
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I started going to Jim's since I moved to Norwood in 2007 but in 2013 I bought a house right next door. Was convenient to drop off car and walk home. But until recently all I did was oil and filter changes. Well, yesterday I needed a new alternator. I knew it was about to die due to a noise it was making and my car battery voltage being low all the time (read with a Bluetooth obd adaptor). Friday morning I scheduled to go in for an oil/filter change and to have that looked at. Friday afternoon my car died. Charged up the battery enough so I could drive it to Jim's Monday morning and drop off car at 8am. Told them I would need a new battery and to check if indeed the alternator was fine it or had no life left. At 12 I got a call from Danny there saying I need a new alternator. New alternator, new battery, oil/filter change and work all for a very reasonable price (still hurt when I heard the amount, but I had done enough research to know that others can charge up to 3 times the amount and take up to two weeks to fix this). Picked up car same day all fixed up. You could tell the alternator issue was also the cause of a slight whistling noise when using the aux input in the car. That noise is gone now. I'm glad I have a reliable mechanic shop that is right around the corner and i don't have to be related to the mechanic so I can get the work done right and affordable.
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Very nice gyro and beefteki wraps... But do not taste anything like the original Greek type. Have a unique taste to them. Very nice, but for a Greek like myself, not something I would go for every time. But great fit occasional tripod for different style Greek food!
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Nice mall with a few nice shops. Waiting till it gets bigger
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This is one of the only places here in the U.S. that has the meat on the spit and slices the meat. I lived for 15 years in Greece and most places have poor quality meat and you need to k ow the right place to go to for quality meat. Well the feisty Greek is quality meat. Best place for Greek food here in the U.S. Also makes Greek souvlaki the right way..with no lettuce. The Tzatziki is very good although I like it with more Garlic but you only get it that way when its home made. He has the right amount for a restaurant version of tzatziki. Anytime Im in the mood for Greek food I go there. I only wish they delivered in the afternoon cause I am often too lazy to go out :P Defintely would recommend to try if you are in the area and if you are not, go there so you know how Greek Gyro should be. (By the way, there is a whole dispute between Athenians and Thesalonikians about what is a souvlaki and they side with Thesalonikians so if you want the spit, order Gyro, if you want the meat on a stick they call that souvlaki..Athenians call that Kalamaki..I call them food and dont argue when im hungry)!
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