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Today is a good day. I just had a call from a telemarketer. Did I yell and scream at them, you ask? Certainly not. Like a good IT administrator I put my skills to use for their benefit. Here's how the conversation went:

Computer: "Press 9 to not be contacted in the future. Press 4 to speak to someone about your mortgage issues"
<presses 4>
TM: "Hello, are you having problems paying your mortgage?"
Me: "Hi, this is the IT department. We intercepted your call as we detected a problem with you phone and need to fix it."
TM: "Oh... ok, well what do we need to do?"
Me: "We're going to need to fix the settings by pressing 4-6-8 and * at the same time"
TM: "Ok, nothing happened."
<alright, so he's not using a Polycom>
Me: "Are you using the new Polycom phones that we deployed?"
TM: "No, it's a Yealink"
Me: "Ok, I see. You haven't had the new Polycom phone deployed to your desk yet. Let me check our technical documentations for the Yealink."
<did a quick Google search, "yealink phone factory reset">
Me: "Alright, do you see an "OK" button on your phone?"
TM: "Yes I do"
Me: "Alright, you're going to press and hold that button for 10 seconds."
TM: "OK, pressing it now"
Me: "Perfect, let me know if you get a password request"
TM: "OK, nothing has popped up ye----"

That's right. I made a telemarketer unwittingly factory reset his phone which means he will be unable to make anymore calls until someone is able to reconfigure his phone and that will take at least an hour or longer if they can't do it right away!

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Aaron G
Awesome! Brilliant! Love it!
Juan B
Nerds 1 - Telemarketers 0

Lol u take today's prize for awesomeness Chris. =D
That brought a tear of joy to my eye sniff
hahaha that is awesome!!!
Yup, don't mess with anyone named Chris. 
Well done sir, well done. 
My YeaLinks auto config on reboot, just takes longer on factory resets. Still a nice way to handle the conversation.
Well played sir, well played.
Now, if only you did that to the computer that places the calls... 
Thats brilliant. And you are brilliant being an IT.
Wow I could not do what you just did hehe
mike r
Spiderman is no longer my hero....
BRAVO! You sir deserve a cookie and a medal for that. Well played. 
Eli D
how absolutely brilliant.
Printing for future reference...
just press 9,out of job.
I don't care if this is true or not but it's definitely funny.
Ummm that had no impact on the auto dialing program that was used to call you.

You just pissed someone off and slowed down their production for the day...they still made millions of auto dial calls today
You're a dick. The poor guy was doing the job he was told to so he could get a paycheck - exactly what you do - and you're hindering his means to do that.
+Anuj Ahooja the 'poor guy' accepted a position as a scumbag.  he got what he deserved. these jobs should be outlawed.
Anuj Ahooja
+David Bell The 'poor guy' may not have a choice. Not everyone is as fortunate.
+Anuj Ahooja bullshit.  Everyone has a choice not to stoop to being intrusive, rude and annoying.  It's not more honorable than stealing, IMO.

In fact, I do consider it stealing, because they are using a service I pay for to suit their own purposes.  Just go shoplifting to earn - it's more honorable.
+Anuj Ahooja He knew the job he was asked to do, which also means he knows how his job is viewed by the rest of the world. Therefor he made the conscious choice to 'hassle people all day'. Since that's the case then he is willing doing a job that is not welcomed by society and he should be willing to deal with those repercussions. 

No, his paycheck is not the same as mine. Mine is earned by helping people and businesses with legitimate issues that they either contract us to fix or call us on a case-by-case basis. I fix issues to enable others in-turn earn their paychecks.

He earns his paycheck by preying on uninformed people and duping them into services or products that are always a scam. His paycheck is lined with the hard earned money of average people. He and the "company" he works for are not any kind of positive force in society; they literally fit the description of a parasite leaching off of the life blood of the common person.

Do not dare tell me that "I'm a dick". I do not welcome these calls. I am on a national Do Not Call list to avoid being hassled by these people. That fact and the fact that they circumvent any consequences by illegally spoofing their number (which is a federal crime) to avoid being found out is a prime example of why this is not a legitimate business.

Do not presume to judge me or who I am based on a single post where I turn the tables on horrible people. Imagine if I came after you for working at Amazon. What if I said "You're a dick for working at a company that treats its warehouse employees like slaves" (

That wouldn't exactly be fair, would it? Now please go away.
+Chris Blasko You clearly didn't understand what I said, so it's okay. Go on with your day.
+Anuj Ahooja He (+Chris Blasko ) fully understood.  You would just rather sympathize with an inconsiderate thief than someone with the balls and skillset to foil them.  You are part of the problem.
I got rid of my home line because the national Do Not Call list doesnt work worth shit...really pisses me off

Seriously, we easily got 5 to 10 solicitation calls per week even with being on the do not call list and the special program with century link that supposedly blocks those types of calls.

Well done, Kind Sir. Well done.
I love it.... that had to be such sweet revenge
Funny but it is likely it's auto provisioned and will update the configuration on reboot. 
You people defending the telemarketer are shocking. I am on the do not call list and they still call. Drug dealers need to make a living too, but each person has a choice of making an honorable living or not. 
That's much more clever than what I used to do. Telemarketer would spiel, then I would say "sure, uh, can you hold on a second?" and then put the receiver on the counter and walk away.
+Chris Blasko - Nice social engineering.

Any chance he could be persuaded do execute "drop table" command? 
You, sir, are my frelling hero and should be hailed across the lands. Brilliant!!
+John Voegtlin yup, I used to do that too. The old "I'll waste your time if you try to waste mine."
Don't mess with the BOFH :-D
I send you my best wishes and prayers.
and nobody gives two damns about the poor sod he fucked over because they wont be making calls, reaching their quota, and fucked their phone up.
I have a PBX which sends them into a special queue for telemarketers. They never call back for some reason. The recording in my queue is here, I think you will quite enjoy it.
+stephenie b
as if slaves are free to choose their owners. anyway, some countries allow this kind of disturbance.
+Fusurugi Yes, let's also get angry at the police for arresting drug dealers.

The reason no one cares about the guy is because they are not a legitimate business.
So you potentially got someone in huge trouble or fired for just trying to do their job and put food on their table. What if it was a single parent with 3 jobs trying to put themselves through school? I hate telemarketing, not telemarketers. Don't hate the player, hate the game.
You have to admit it was cruel. I don't know if that telemarketer deserved but sure he got fired. 
My phone only gets calls from solicitors. I set my answering machine to a whisper, "Ok. It's done. But there's blood everywhere. Please send a crew to clean up."
+Adam Truelove So we should treat drug dealers with respect and kindness simply because there's a drug lord at the top of the chain?

Sorry, but no. These people operate illegally and nothing but thieves preying on people like us.
If everyone paid their mortgage on time, then nobody would receive these calls
Or you could just sell those guns you keep buying to protect yourself
This was so hilarious to me. That being said, surely this is not legal? Didn't you fraudulently cripple one of the companies phones thus negatively impacting their business?
Actually I agree, you are a dick. The alternative is that this guys quits his job because you think it is so despicable, and then goes on benefits/social security, or whatever you have in your country, and the tax payer, ie you, end up paying for it! Yes, you are advocating this guy quits his job and stops getting paid by the people he works for, so he can sit on his butt all day and you'll pay him instead..neat trick bud.
Way to screw up a guy just doing his job and possibly get him fired. 
If someone thinks it's acceptable to call my phone at 9:30 pm to sell me some service I don't need and didn't ask for, they deserve what comes to them.
How difficult is it to just hang up the phone?
"The alternative is that this guys quits his job because you think it is so despicable"

Would you say the same thing if he was an arms dealer? A slave trader? A pimp? A drug dealer? "Maybe its the only job they could get!"

Some jobs should be outlawed in the first place. In fact, calling people on the do not call list registry kind of is, but its near impossible to enforce. So I'm sorry the telemarketer was annoyed - it must really suck having to explain to your manager how you are so naive you fell for a stupid trick and couldn't make calls for a little while. Its nothing like receiving debt collection calls at 2AM on a weeknight because the former owner of your number defaulted on a loan, or having to cancel your phone line, or buy a pbx system, because its been made useless by the number of telemarketing calls it receives, each of which is robbing you of the use of the phone line you pay for and the time it takes you to deal with them.

So he can get an ethical job, one that doesn't waste other peoples time and money, or not complain when someone puts the screws to him. These people made a decision to be thieves of other people's time and money, don't go looking for sympathy for them.
What's wrong with arms dealers?
You no like guns? 2nd Amendment. Yo!
No one chooses to be in a crappy minimum wage job. Get an app that blocks spoofed numbers or just say no thank you and hang up rather than being a dick by trying to prove you're smarter than the person on the other end of the line. 
I call BS on this.
1. Disabling one telemarketer's phone does nothing to stop them in future.
2. Configuring a phone takes seconds, not hours.
We recently got new VoIP phones at work and it took less than 15 seconds to login to them.
Then something went wrong with the network and we went back to our old VoIP phones, that took another 15 seconds.
Now last week the issue was fixed and we had to login to our new phones again.
Are you really in IT ?
Or do you spend a lot of time on copy-pasta?
Also BS because if you reset a phone while in a call, it would disconnect the call but you claim you made him reset his phone, and then asked for his confirmation and then YOU hung up?
Also, as someone who does work in IT... inadvertently resetting your phone because the "IT department" told you to do it will not get someone fired.  It will, more than likely, inspire the company to hold training sessions on how to spot these sort of intrusions as falling for this is no different than clicking a link to a bad file in a email (which damages the whole network, not just one phone).
It's not the choice of the guy on the phone who is probably on an
autodialer. If you want to make a grand objection ask to talk to the
supervisor. And folks comparing telemarketers to drug dealers are just
being ridiculous.
They are not being compared to drug dealers. We're saying its perfectly acceptable to say to someone your job is unethical, you should get a different one. Comparing them to petty thieves working for Fagan is more apt. 
+Deepak Agarwal No, him asking if the rep saw the password request was killing time while the guy held down the OK key for 10 seconds, and the <click> was the phone disconnecting when it reset, just as you describe.
If the person is on a quota or commission and paid based on number of
completed calls it will cost them. Just say you're not interested in the
first 30 seconds of the call and hang up rather than being a smart ass
Alright +Mike Saldivar I guess I'm wrong in that part but for sure it only takes a few seconds to login again.
And the telemarketer won't face any consequences for having to ask IT to help him login to his phone, so this story is the equivalent of wearing your underwear over your pants and claiming to be a superhero
+Wesley G +Andy Lehrer +Deepak Agarwal +Simon Edwards

You guys need to read my earlier replies.

None of you seem to understand that these companies are not legitimate businesses. At the best they are third party companies privately contracted by legitimate companies. These telemarketers operate just behind the line of legality and face no repercussions for the laws they do violate.

But usually they are scam corporations. They fall into the same category as pyramid schemes. They profess to help you, or offer a useful product, but they are only after your money and they try to get it by deception.
+Chris Blasko so you're saying legitimate companies hire scammer companies to harass us on the phone, but we should be blaming the scammer companies and not the legitimate companies?
It's also a bad idea to piss off someone who has your name and number.
Perhaps the person you're screwing around is cleverer than you think and
will find a way to get his own back?
+Deepak Agarwal Yes, sometimes I get a telemarketing call from a company "on behalf of <my Bank>" trying to upsell services or products. The truely legitimate ones will immediately identify themselves, who they are calling on behalf of, and precisely what they are calling about. They will also have a real person talking to you right when you pick up and not a recording. For those calls I politely decline and ask not to be contacted anymore.
Well, I knew a guy a few years ago who worked as a telephone "market
researcher" for a few months before going back to college. The few times he ran into someone obnoxious on the phone he'd not only not take them off the phone list but he'd schedule their number to be called frequently or he'd write down their number and prank call them from home or have them added to various lists. I chastised him for it but the point is if you're going to be an asshole (and yes +Chris Blasko you are being an asshole) to people don't be surprised if they find a way to get back at you. So yeah, you might think you're really being clever and showing them when in reality you're the one being laughed at.
There are very few companies or lines of work that couldn't be called unethical by someone. 
+Chris Blasko
This was a dick move.  You don't want to be judged based on your single post here, but you judged the guy that called you based solely on the fact that he was on the other end of a call you got from a telemarketer.  You know nothing about him, what his circumstances are, nor anything else about him.  Yet you judged him and acted on that judgement. 

I HATE telemarketing companies.  I agree with you that they are often (not always, contrary to what you apparently believe) a scam.  However, the people that work for them are just trying to make a living.

Your assertion that they took a job they knew was unpopular is a weak justification for your pissant actions.  According to your logic, I would have the right to treat anyone in a job that I think is crap any way I want. 

Call it what you want, justify your actions anyway you want, this was STILL a dick move.
I agree with Bruce Schneier, "Okay, this is funny" linking to this post. Well played +Chris Blasko.
I love how the people saying that +Chris Blasko should expect that the telemarketer attempt to get back at him for costing them apparently no time at all, are the same ones calling him a dick for getting back at the person who actually did cost him his time after being asked quite directly to leave him alone (the do not call registry). Apparently its okay to be annoying - if you're doing it as a career, but if you're doing it as a non-professional, not using the resources of your company to do it, you're a dick. Got it. Thanks. 

+Andy Lehrer  Yes, every occupation is equally unethical. So phone scammers are right up there with EMTs and fire fighters. Thanks, so helpful. Discouraging petty-thieves operating on the knife-edge of the law in amusing ways is not something I am going to get bent out of shape about. Their bottom line is of as much concern to me as mine is obviously to them. 
IT is ethical? Not if some of the companies on your client list aren't. Do you vet them all?
Life is short and we're all in this together. Your 'clever' little trick fixed nothing, saved you no time, and helped no one. You're no better than an internet troll.
Yes, the thread has completely degenerated into some perverse moral equivalency contest. 
+Wesley G And I suppose they'll file a complaint with the police or the FTC about it? Gonna be hard to explain what they were doing in that case.
That's not what I said Christian. My point is you reap what you sew.
+Morgan Vergara "According to your logic, I would have the right to treat anyone in a job that I think is crap any way I want."

You're stretching your argument here. You're entitled to your opinion, and frankly I welcome it. But you're twisting my words. I deem these companies unethical, yes, but I'm not saying that we should rally up all the telemarketers and impose a "final solution". If he wants to work as a telemarketer then that's his own choice and problem, but do not call me. I am on a national Do Not Call list. I also do not owe money to this company or anyone else they are affiliated with. So there no justifiable reason for them to contact me.

I seriously doubt this person is going to get fired over this. However, if he is fired over this incident then the onus is not on me. I'm not the one running the scam. I'm not the shill trying to swindle unsuspecting people. If the company he works for has any semblance of reason then would understand that they as a company are walking a very thin line and understand that they will raise the ire of the people they are harassing and that's no fault of the person actually making the call but rather the company itself.

I admit that I receive far fewer telemarketing and spam calls then I did in the past, but I still have zero tolerance for all of it. The worst I had was a call telling me that if I visit a seminar I will walk away with a brand new 40" LCD TV (this was about 8 years ago, so that was amazing). I blatantly asked the man if this was a scam because I cannot believe someone who give away such an item. He stuttered and tried to assure me that it's not a scam. I asked to speak with his manager so he asked to me wait a moment and then another person came to the phone. When I asked him where their office is location he responded with "F*k you! You're just a piece of s**. Why don't you just go f*** off"... etc. It went on like that for a bit then he hung up on me. While this is the worst of all the calls, it still consistent with my experiences with telemarketers.

Edit: apparently I forgot how to grammar
I knew this guy who was a freelance telemarketer and had to use quarters in pay phones to call his clients.
+Andy Lehrer First, its sow, not sew. But personally, while I don't have +Chris Blasko 's spirit, but I would be inclined to take my chances when dealing with louts who want to waste my time in a misguided attempt to get into my wallet. Trying to scare us with "telemarketer revenge", which would run afoul of even more FTC rules as well as anti-harassment laws, is just so much noise. Give your advice to the telemarketers who ARE reaping what they sow.I would in that unlikely scenario retain an attorney and probably be very wealthy at their company's expense, and they would definitely be out of a job.
What's a pay phone?  Does it render services upon completion of your call?  Like a 1-900 number?
Sir, we at salute you.
+David Bell No, the Marketer did NOT get what he deserved.  He still breathing, isn't he ???  (evil grin)
+James Mason  Yes, I am interested in a mortgage loan modification; my name is Chris'); DROP TABLE PhoneNumbers; --
+Peter Milley So if we're all in this together, why are people wasting my time trying to steal my money?
+Chris Blasko Great job.  Great thread.  But at this point if people don't get it, then they are either stupid or trolling or unprincipled.  In any event, I am out - there is no worthwhile debate left.
+Christian Ross  Thanks for catching my using sew instead of sow. I wasn't going to mention it but in an earlier post when you wrote "but its near impossible to enforce" you wrote the possessive "its" when you should have written the contraction "it's". Now, I don't usually correct someone else's spelling on the internet because it's a classic dick move but since you're being a dick you kind of opened yourself up there. In future, if you're going to troll people for spelling, make sure you check your own spelling first. The only people held in lower esteem than telemarketers are those who correct the spelling mistakes others make on the internet. When I get unwanted telemarketing calls I go to the CRTC's website and file an online complaint. It's more ethical than being a dick to the poor worker bee making the call and more likely to be effective. But if you guys need so desperately to inflate your ego by being a dick, whether it's by trolling a telemarketer or trolling someone over a typo then that's just how you roll. I guess you also think the guy who ordered all the pies at Burger King so the kid behind him in line couldn't buy any was really clever too.
False. Grammar snobs are highly coveted on the Internets. Without them our children are doomed, much like the bratty child in BK. 
Sir, you have rare kalothi! Well done!
+Andy Lehrer 

I actually thought you might not understand what 'reap what you sow' actually meant, as it refers to the practice of harvesting your fields instead of receiving cloth, considering your other abilities shown in this thread, as opposed to a spelling mistake that one would happily overlook; "sew" is particularly stupid turn of phrase. I'm sure its a typo considering e and o are so close on the keyboard. Sorry for trying to save you embarrassment by preventing you from making similar inane mistakes in the future. 

But yes, you certainly aren't a dick. Consider yourself congratulated for defending telemarketers and being the bane of grammarians. Woo. You go right ahead and contact the CRTC. I find what Chris Blasko did far more entertaining than filling out a form and having nothing happen. 

"the poor worker bee" Yeah, the poor petty criminal who works for the big criminal. I would point out that there are plenty of unskilled workers who DON'T try to pick my pockets. 

+David Bell 
"at this point if people don't get it, then they are either stupid or trolling or unprincipled"

@Christian_Ross You reap what you sow actually means you harvest what you plant - a metaphor for  the idea that your deeds, good or bad, will repay you in kind eg if you are an asshole to others they'll be assholes to you. 
+David Bell Yup, my head hurts with all the nonsense that cropped up. Although I'm pleased this post made it to about 800 +1's before the trolls came out.
And Christian, I never claimed it was a typo. It's (i.e. "it's" as a contraction for it is, not "its" the possessive) a spelling mistake and a fairly common one given that few people these days have agricultural experience.  
+Andy Lehrer "You reap what you sow actually means you harvest what you plant "

Clearly thou hast schooled me good sir, I thought it meant to harvest what you plant, like in the ground, or perhaps a field. 
Anybody get a call from Miracle Grow recently?
And no, not the pharmaceutical type, it was the gardening type
Anyway, the anti-telemarketing laws, in Canada anyway, allow companies you do business with to call you. It's likely the call was from a bank or another financial institution you've done business with rather than being an illegal or scam call (you haven't provided enough information to determine one way or another). 
Just added you to my Heroes Circle. Monstrously awesome!
+Noelle M
Double teh awesome! Drop all my gold and Alt+F4 too great!
+Anuj Ahooja Everyone understands what you said perfectly well. We just think you are wrong. Not too difficult to understand in my opinion.
+Christian Ross
"...louts who want to waste my time in a misguided attempt to get into my wallet" great!
bloody hell! That is freekin cool!
Those of you who chastise Chris are missing the point and are entirely wrong. Anything that raises the cost of doing business for telemarketers is a GOOD THING. If it means that people trying to put themselves through college working in call center have a crappy time and quit, all the better. It means the telemarketing firm might have to pay their employees more because no one wants the job. The world is a better place when working in a telemarketing center is worse than flipping burgers.

Hats off to you Chris.
"A. Lehrer11:42 AM

If the person is on a quota or commission and paid based on number of
completed calls it will cost them. Just say you're not interested in the
first 30 seconds of the call and hang up rather than being a smart ass"

see where I live peacemeal needs to be paid at least a minimum of minimum wage for the number hours regardless of how many they complete
You, sir, are my own personal jesus
+Chris Blasko has been proven a fake and still wants to take credit for this.
Anyone who still thinks he's a hero is definitely brain dead.
Our maybe it's +Chris Blasko using his "IT skills" to praise himself
+Deepak Agarwal No I didn't copy it from that. I never said I was the first person to ever do anything like this. I have heard of similar stories in the past and I've thought about doing this quite often, so when the opportunity presented itself I was very ready.

I did do it. If you don't want to believe me then don't. No one is forcing you.

And no idea what you're talking about being proven wrong.
Well you did say you're glad this got so much attention.
And when people were calling BS you didn't say that you're not the first to do this.
Anyways. .. happy birthday +Shayla C!
+Deepak Agarwal I said I'm glad it got so much attention before the trolls showed up. You have very selective reasoning. 
+Erin Coyne Why do you keep saying "copy pasta"? I know what it means but I don't understand what you're trying to say.
+Deepak Agarwal "Also BS because if you reset a phone while in a call, it would disconnect the call but you claim you made him reset his phone, and then asked for his confirmation and then YOU hung up?

I see your reading comprehension is as good as your logic.
Can't we all just get along???!!!
+Deepak Agarwal: In between hero and anti-hero : telephon is also used for emergency ; phone factory reset is not so good in case of emergency call ... By the way it is known that in case of massive emergency, as in Fukishima where phone has been not usable because everybody have pick-up their phone, everybody use microblogging : so what about telemarketing with social networks ?
When somebody call me telling "this is the IT departement" : I ask how you can prove it ; few years ago I had a telephon call at work and one guy told me : "here is Microsoft, we are making a survey on Microsoft licences". I asked how you can prove you are Microsoft, your phone number is not visible ? the guy gave the name and the licenses type of a many of my colleagues (I recognized few of them); OK it seems that you are really Microsoft, so what are your questions ?
The question in this thread is : how do you trust in your incoming telephon call ?
Furthermore I answered about Microsoft licences : it would be preferable to use flexlm technologie because it is not suitable that Microsoft or any other enterprise to know precisely the name and the location of all their product users. However, this is the case today with a lot a people using social networks as Facebook, Google+ ... and it is important to know that it makes a lot of people not so happy with IT.
By the way for those fan of key strokes you can develop the skill in a positive way joining tuppervim workshops of Mozilla fundation.
It is a great thread of discussion about phone use on social network ?
+Michael Morys didn't copy it. I don't care what others say. They weren't here so there's no way they could know. Just because someone had done something similar in the past doesn't mean no one will ever do it again.
Using your knowledge for good. They really should have known better. LOL!!!!
Not your fault if someone is stupid! LOL!
As to needing the phone for an emergency, there a lines of these guys. I doubt that everyone in the line had the good fortune of having their phone factory reset. A colleague could call in case of an emergency, or, the employee could use their cell phone. Lord knows they're always on their cell phones at work anyways.
I love that soo many can get soo involved in on-line arguments.
My Grandparents are Irish & Scottish!!
There's always time for this...
Keep up the good work Chris, I just wonder  how many of the above posts are from T.M.s justifying their position LOL . :)
I particularly like the Microsoft T.M.s LOL.. soo much fun.  
Again, Keep up the good work Chris
+Chris Blasko We should definately also be angry at the police for arresting drug dealers. But GJ at getting back at the telemarketer / con-artist / dirtbag. Thankfully telemarketing is outlawed in my country, unless you are a previous customer( " would you like to renew your subscription " style call)
A plus 1 seems trite. Will print this out as a training guide for my friends :) Thank you.
Totally agree with you Chris!! +1 for your Awesomeness!!
Congrats I read through the comments posted here as well as your original. That you took the time to respond to what I would have ignored from some says something of your personality. again kudos
As funny as this is; and as much as the rep deserves the shit-storm that he will receive once his bosses figure out what happened. It's kind of a prick thing to do to someone for just doing their job. It's a shit job, nobody who does it likes doing it, you are required to suffer through a staggeringly large amount of verbal abuse on a daily basis with a smile and shrug it all off before the next customer is on your line, which for an outbound agent, may be anywhere from 5 to 30 seconds. Why don't we make their job a little easier by not sabotaging them. Most sales reps from reputable centres, are trained to observe the 3 no rule. After you say no three times, they are supposed to close the call and mark it down.

I doubt this will be noticed, just my two cents.

An Ex-telemarketer.
+Damien Morphet I get what you're saying and I've rebutted this point many times here, but I'll say it again for the sake of conversation. This company wasn't operating legally. I'm on a Do Not Call list, and they spoofed their caller ID.

As for the "no three times rule", my personal experience has shown that they do not observe this. I had two calls a day for over three weeks once from the same "Free Cruise" company. I did everything under the sun to get rid of them, from pressing the number to not call back, asking them directly to not call me, calling the police and my phone company (they said they can't block it cause it's a spoofed number), and even just leaving the phone on the table while they talk (they eventually just hang up). But they keep calling back over and over.

And as for working as a telemarketer, I understand the experience of dealing with rude and unappreciative people. That sums up IT desk side support quite well actually. The main difference being that I'm not scamming anyone.
+Chris Blasko dares to call you a dick....

"hey chris... you're a.... you're a big..... big.... err nevermind...." 

*runs and hides... and fails to call you a dick
I too hate telemarketers with a vengeance. They call at odd hours and are a unmitigated nuisance. Why should they be treated "nicely" as some people suggest? If they are not at fault for doing their job, then I too am not targetting them personally: only getting at their boss through them.

This saying of "don't shoot the messenger" is stupid if the principal hides behind the messenger. The messenger must be targetted because the messenger chooses to shield his boss.

"Just doing his/her job" is not an excuse. Every job has its professional hazards. Unwarranted sympathy for telemarketing is misguided and naive based on some convoluted ethics.
They are just people with shit jobs. The guy probably lost his pay for that hour and you probably did nothing to the company that hired him.
Still funny though :)
We have a friend whose father was royally scammed via phone.  Our friend had to jump in the car, drive three hours, and shut everything down.  Plus side: he got to make his father use the new computer they'd bought him for Christmas.
Good show, dude! I have exacted revenge like this many times. Trolling their voicemail systems is also fun. Call back their numbers from a generic Gmail (not one linked to your phone or a GV number). Most of them are misconfigured and will give you the extension and name directory. I like to play back the voicemails they as many of the mailboxes as possible. :D
Since I'm hard-of-hearing, saying, "I can't hear you" usually works, more or less. If they keep talking, I hang up. It's just unconscionable to take advantage of (mostly?) older people (or the digitally-challenged) with this tactic. My husband got a "windows" call at work the other day, and he said, "This call is being recorded by the FBI. Go ahead...."

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Well, there is something called "fraud." maybe we could just pursue that as the crime du jour.
+D Drew "Guys, we put drug dealers in prison, not telemarketers."

I disagree with this. Telemarketers (the owners/operators, not the random guy calling) should definitely face fines and even jail time for their practices.

And I have a feeling most people would agree with that.
"I understand the experience of dealing with rude and unappreciative people. That sums up IT desk side support quite well actually."

While you may get a measure of verbal abuse in IT; I highly doubt that it is in the kind of amounts that cause people to contemplate suicide. WHile I was doing outbound I had maybe 1 in 50 people who weren't abusive. 
+Damien Morphet that simply comes down to the fact that nobody likes being called while at home, eating dinner with their family to hear about some stupid time share or "free" cruise.
You won today's internet. Congrats.
+Damien Morphet Au contraire, IT support has a lot of very depressed workers, just like TM. From one of the ISP's I've worked for, something along the lines of 1/20 got depressions. With 40 or higher on the MADRS scale, where  >34  counts as severe depression. It gets slightly better when moved from 1. line support to 2. or 3.

The way I see it, TM is one of those lines of business that should be shut down permanently. No one, and I mean no one, likes those calls. And if they do, it's because they're so unfathomably lonely, they're even willing to talk to TM. And like other "self regulating" industries, the regulating is laughable. We've got pretty harsh laws on TM here in .no, but they are serialbroken, often by companies with atleast a few bankruptcies behind them already.

Moral of my story, I ask all TM people that calls me to quit their jobs, and find something more ethical (as they've already broken the law by calling me). I have no moral qualms about it. At all. Mostly because I treat the person on the other end of the phone as a human when talking to them, and not as a garbage dumb for profanities. That's how far I am willing to stretch. Continue to try to sell me something, and expect something unpleasant to happen, like having the appropriate agency involved.
+Sherry Gull I have no sympathy for telemarketers but do you have to be so rude. Would you say that to someones face. If you do your likely to get slapped 
Ha very funny. Im not threatening you I wouldn't bother. Im just saying that it is easy to hurl abuse about when you are hiding behind a keyboard
If these telemarketers played by the rules and used a non spoofed number, then this would have been an overreaction. However, since we all know they ignore most requests for removal unless you get their name the name of their company their supervisor etc, then actions like this are justified. They know we don't want to talk to them which is why they started using three digit caller ID numbers, because they also know that the telcos rely on having a 10 digit number in order to be able to block them at the server. I had to call T Mobile yesterday, and have my voicemail deactivated because of some scumbags calling me 3 times a day, and leaving a five second long blank message. 
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