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Waking up to the smell of freshly brewed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

I allowed the Ubuntu upgrade wizard to do its thing before going to bed last night. It didn't finish, requiring my OK on a couple of package choices, but did all the heavy lifting while I slept. Now I'm good to go. Haven't discovered any problems, post-upgrade. Nice to have most of the latest Gnome 3 desktop. A worthwhile upgrade, smooth as can be. Get yours here: #ubuntu #linux #foss
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I'm still using 10.10 on my PC at work. I think I'm happy enough with Unity/etc that I won't mind using it now at work. Updated my home server on launch. Might have to pop in to work over the weekend to start the upgrade process.
It was painless. There appear to be some fairly substantial upgrades to Unity in the release. I'll boot in to have a look at some point, but I'm pretty happy with Gnome 3 as my daily environment.
I did the upgrade last night too, for my netbook ... it seemed to take hours but was done before I went to bed. At one point it said it was going to take over a day to get the upgrade done!

It looks clean and is running smoothly. What a simple process. No glitches yet and I don't see too many changes but I've yet to play with it.
I am installing it on my HP Mini as I write this.
Ugh, Unity was a dog on my netbook. Had to use Gnome-Fallback. Gnome 3 has some differences from Gnome 2. Some of the key shortcuts no longer work.
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