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The US Air Force's preposterously expensive war toy is officially broken

Guess how much these F-22s cost ... Did you say $143 million dollars a copy? You're low. The GAO says the actual taxpayer cost is closer to $412 million. That's right -- a half-billion fighter plane, built to fight a cold war. Well, it's busted. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has ordered the Air Force to restrict flights because of continuing problems with the aircraft's oxygen system.
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Without comparative data, the $143M to $412M is irresponsible journalism.

Simply including F-15, F-16 or F-18 costs and costs to upgrade/maintain then saying for example "The F-22 will cost 10%, 50% or 200% more than the fighter jet it replaced"

Hell, it would have even made a great info-graphic.

Unless of course, including that data would have made the F-22 look like a bargain by comparison ;)
Regardless of its cost in comparison to previous programs, it's a vomitously expensive plane, built to fight the Soviet Union over Europe. And while all new planes are buggy, it would be tough to say this one is even combat-ready.
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