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Yeah, it was so hot on today's ride I stopped an bought a giant lime margarita, split it between two bottles, and cut it in half with cool water. It was the best thing I ever drank on a bike. 
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It was 96. I'd already ridden 30 miles with no shade. There was steam coming off the road fro a 2-minute shower. Hot as it gets here. The bartender put a little bit of salt in my bottles, too. It was so damn good. 
"I don't often drink when I'm riding a bike. But when I do, it's a big-ass lime margarita." 
But, did you have a post-ride beer? 
Sadly, I was out of beer. I am still rehydrating, though. Damn, that was hot. Time to add the third bottle cage.  ;-)
I made the beer run last time. You're on your own here.
You don't owe me anything, but it'd be nice to get together and lunch. Been a while. I have #zombieraccoon hat.
I'll wear mine. We'll frighten the wait staff.  ;-)
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