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The Old Man
It’s been a while since I posted and I thought it was high time I did.  As today is both World Gin Day and, possibly better known to most people, Father’s Day ; it seemed right to create a cocktail using gin and call it The Old Man .  So I did. I might also...

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A wedding event with a difference, featuring among many fine things some wedding favours by Pell Wall.

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Perfume Making Workshops 9th & 10th April 2016 - London
Two workshops are planned this April: How to Make Perfume & How to Make Better Perfume: Advanced Skills for Perfumers: Full details are on the Eventbrite Pages, but if you want to attend both please get in touch with me directly using   enquiry@pellwall-per...

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A WondAroma Podcast
Happy New Year! Episode 10 of the WondAroma podcast features the Pell Wall perfumer Chris Bartlett talking to Christine Daley of Perfumer Supply House about: how Pell Wall came about the process of composing a fragrance and  a handful of interesting ingredi...

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An insightful review of Anjin

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Anjin Reviews
Anjin by Pell Wall I’ve been a subscriber to Le Mouchoir Parfumé  for some time: the incisive, informed and most importantly short, reviews are just my cup of tea.  They are by no means always positive and don’t pull any punches however, so it was with a ce...

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Labels are even more influential than you thought...

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Did you know it was Sense of Smell Day on Saturday?

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Vanilla: the universal ingredient
Prosecco upgraded with Vanilla Cognac Pell Wall style Vanilla is one of the most useful ingredients in cooking, cocktails and perfumery.  Its story is quite well known, so I’m only going to touch on some of the less well-known aspects here.  My main purpose...

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Chris Bartlett commented on a post on Blogger.
Lots of sales and a few new items added mean the list is looking a bit cluttered now so here are just those still available:
* Cedarwood Atlas Supra, 100ml, £75
 Fixateur 505E, 100ml, £99 *New
 Hedione (original Firmenich), 1Kg, £30 *New
* Iso E Super, 100ml, £8 or free with others totalling £99 or more
 Methyl Diantilis, 30ml, £19 *New
 Musk Ketone at 10% in BB/ethanol, 1Kg, £25 *New
Including a couple that are new this week.
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