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Here's the new +Nexus Wireless Charger holding up my Nexus 5.  The magnet is that good.

P.S. Don't ask me when it's going to be available in X country. I don't know.
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How do you take it off in the morning? Is the charger glued to your desk?
+Michael Panzer It's got a strong glue bottom, and it's not difficult to take the phone off the charger.
Nice, but I find the previous charger better looking. I'd prefer a pad where you can put multiple devices on to charge. 
+Niels Swimberghe The trouble with the Orb is that if you got the slightest bit of dust on the rubber your phone would fall down and stop charging.
So you should be able to mount this onto a wall? ;)
Do you know if it works for both the nexus 5 and 4?
Thanks! good to know it will work for both. Although I might not be putting it on a wall if the magnets don't work with the nexus 4. :)
I hope you don't mind me asking but,

when is it going to be available in X country?
Phil H
What's the charge rate compared to a USB charger?
+Phil Haigh A bit slower than plugging it in via USB. My wild finger-in-the-air guess would be something like 30% slower, which is absolutely fine for me.
+Chris Banes If you look at the charging info using any number of battery utilities, you'll be able to see how many millivolts the Nexus charger is putting out. 
+Chris Banes With the nexus 5 you can charge it with nexus 4 orb and it doesn't slide off because the plastic back has a little more grip
I hope we are able to buy this relatively soon. A lot of us have a Nexus 5 but waiting for official accessories is always such a drag. Its like looking at those N5 cases and knowing we aren't able to get them yet 😵
When it's going to be available in X country ? :))
I prefer the orb because of the angle. I can just daydream my phone and have quick access to it while working, also having it angled so I don't have to lean or pick it up. Has been working fine with my n5.
+Marco Mendoza um.. Where? I keep checking the Play Store under device accessories but dice :-/
+Corey M if your not in the US or Canada then I believe they are not available
+Chris Banes when you say strong glue bottom, is it removable and re-applicable or.. once you stick it, there it stays?  Is it really an adhesive or just a very very sticky silicone-type material?
+Chris Banes thanks! Most excellent news.  1. How did you get yours so quick? 2. Do you think it's worth $50 bucks?
I hate that you have one already lol. :( DAMN THE UK. (im UK)
Hey +Chris Banes, thanks for sharing. Just one question: What happens when the phone is fully charged? Does it keep up the 100%? The Qi charger I use right now switches off once the battery is full so when I pick up my Nexus 5 in the morning it's already down a few %.  
+Chris Banes That is no longer the case with the older charger and the N5. Even with dust, the N5 sits great on the orb, 10 times better than my N4 ever did. With its new grippy back is perfect for the orb. And you get that sweet spot like 90% of the time, unlike the N4. I prefer this since it sits at an angle, unlike this new version. I like to see the time and who's calling at a glance, you can't really do that well with these lay flat chargers.
Inductive Charging....WOOT!!! the CRAP out of APPLE!!!
So you can still hold your phone while it charges?
I only have 2 questions about this product. Where did u get it and is it good for other model phones like the galaxy s4?
Just got mine, and the charger and magnet work great with the Verizon G2 as well.
Will it still hold the phone vertical with a case on it. Are the magnets That strong. 
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