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ActionBar-PullToRefresh v0.2 has been tagged and pushed to Maven Central. #AndroidDev  

Contains mainly bug fixes, but I've also added a few methods: setRefreshing() & isRefreshing(). #t  

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Looks like the sample apk is broken. I'll fix it asap.
The sample's now fixed (same location).
+Chris Banes Can you add a posibility to detach this from action bar? For instance, to use with custom elements like progress bar inside content view.
What would be cool is an implementation that mirrors the new gmail app. That would get extensive usage by lots of apps. But good job on what you've done thus far
If you scroll down on listview or scrollview, the loading starts. If you keep your finger down and move it down after the loading has finished, the "Loading..." label appears again for 1-2 seconds.
+Daniel Ochoa That's the goal of the project, but it's pretty close in it's current form anyway.