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Developer Programs Engineer at Google
Developer Programs Engineer at Google

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Here's the slides from my 'Secrets of the Support Library' talk at #droidconUK today


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Here's the Space for our What's New in Support Lib talk (+ slides). Feel free to ask questions there.

+Alan Viverette+Tenghui Zhu​

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Second talk is up on the schedue "What's new in the support library" #io16

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+Alan Viverette​ and I will attempt to teach you the many intricacies of Android's styling system #io16

If you don't learn something by the end of this, you should probably come and work in the Android UI Toolkit team.

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My +droidcon​ Berlin talk is now up: *@style/Android.Themes.Styles.Demystified*

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AppCompat v23.2 — DayNight

A look at the new DayNight themes in AppCompat

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AppCompat v23.2: Age of the vectors.

A more technical look at the new vector support in AppCompat. Feel free to ask questions in the comments.

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For the Google Drive sync, could you start using the App Folder mechanism? Having the db in the root folder makes it too easy to accidentally delete.

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Merry Christmas everyone! 🎄 🎅🎁
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My Pixel C impression

Disclaimer, I obviously work for Google therefore take this post as you will. I didn't pay for the device therefore that doesn't have a bearing on my thoughts.

So I received a Pixel C about a month ago and have been using it ever since. Honestly, this is the best Android tablet that I've used to date and am writing this post on said device. I read The Verge's review of the device and found is pretty scathing for the quality of hardware that they were presented with. The keyboard is possibly the best accessory for a tablet that I've ever used. The magnets are ingenious and take a couple of times to get right, but once you get used to it they're easy. Even when you get it wrong it only takes 5 seconds to put right (and it's obvious when you don't).

My favourite thing though? The fact that it charges wirelessly from the tablet. You have no idea how many times that I've come to use my N9 where I've found that the keyboard is dead because I haven't charged it. Double tapping on the device and being able to see the battery level is also ingenious.

So a lot of The Verge's review centred on quality of apps for tablets. Fair enough, there's little to argue with in their post. What I do argue with is what do you really do with a tablet? For me there are a few use cases where a tablet is my go to device:

1) Watching videos on the move. I use Plex and it works amazingly on the device. The screen is very nice and for me is the perfect size. The keyboard with it's adjustable hinge is perfect for travel (trains, planes, etc).
2) Email. The keyboard quality is top notch, typing on it is a pleasure (as I said, this post is being written on the keyboard).
3) Doc writing. See #2.
4) Browsing the web. See #1 for screen review.

For everything else, my phone is usually a better device because it's my primary device and is obviously easier to use out and about.

So there we go, for every use case I have, this device is amazing. Just saying.
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