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Eventually migrating G+ accounts to my domain account. Heads up for friend requests. It is me.
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Cause Google never sold that part but retained it.... Smart Google 
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I know I am normally quiet on G+, but this is a rather amusing day...
I asked 22 self-identifying creationists at the Bill Nye/Ken Ham debate to write a message/question/note to the other side. Here's what they wrote.
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Dear Creationists, please learn to use the English language correctly. Come back and visit after you do. Maybe someone will be able to take you seriously at that point.
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So wrong in many ways...
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+NIA Ops +Niantic Project 

There was a portal that was removed this week that was location accurate and the full content of the plaque in favor of a portal submission that was submitted later, not location accurate and not accurate to the content of the plaque.

The current portal is here. Can we get the portal that was properly submitted back and this one removed in stead?,-76.861876&z=17&pll=39.222747,-76.861876
The world around you is not what it seems. Our future is at stake and you must choose a side. Join my faction in Ingress - a global game of mystery, intrique and conquest.
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Absolute inspiration.

Been a while. Been busy. Con season approaches. I'll be at Lexington (KY) Comic and Toy Convention this weekend (Mar 14-16). "What's Opera, Doc?" brough...
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Valentine's Cards for the not-so-special someone in your life.
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Sony selling VIAO laptop line.

In other news, the VIAO laptop line still exists.
Kensai7 writes "Confirming reports from earlier in the week, Sony has announced plans to sell off its VAIO computer division to a Japanese investment fund. Japan Industrial Partners (JIP) will take control of the operation for an undisclosed fee, and Sony will 'cease planning, design and development...
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"to a Japanese investment fund."  i'm kinda surprised lenovo didn't buy it
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Excellent work from Travis. Very informative.
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the argument to save the name basically boils down to 2 things

1) who fucking cares if the team's name is racist

2) we would have to change out a lot of shirts and stuff
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+NIA Ops +Niantic Project 

This portal was submitted as a portal and was rejected because it diod not meet the guidelines.

I would submit that it is because it is historically important to our city and part of what makes this city so great to those of us who live here.

Columbia, MD was founded in the 1960's as a new way to do cities. And with this, the education system of Howard County was reinvented. The city and the schools were built to be integrated in an area that was the home to the Howard Dragoons, a band of land owners of who joined the Confederacy during the Civil War. In fact, the original film that was made for the welcome center said "If you hold racial prejudice, don't move here." These kids (now adults) were the first real integrated class here in Howard County and were part of rebuilding the school systems that was mired in racial segregation and out right race riots at sporting events.

It was even reflected in the architecture. James Rouse hired Frank Ghery who at the time only had one project under his belt. His own house. He then designed the Rouse Company Building (which was rejected - see the 2nd photo) and Merriweather Post Pavillion (also rejected).

Thanks for your time.
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Curious to hear what +Jim Typhoon thinks about this.
Quick reminder: the modular smartphone is a real thing that's really happening. Motorola blew our minds with the announcement of a plan to create modular p... by Jeremiah Rice in Motorola, News
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yeah i read this, this morning

3D systems' areas of expertise cover photopolymer based machines (SLA, MJM/ProJet) and SLS/DMLS.

combining multimaterial plastics and conductives has not been done in these processes, because there is no good process for it (SLS fuses powder in a vat to generate the structure, there is no way to distinguish the surfaces, and MJM style systems have to be able to get the stuff through a piezo jet.) It's been done in FDM due to the relative simplicity of the process (merely drawing lines with CNC and you can put on as many extruders doing different stuff as you like,) but I think Stratasys holds a lot of those patents. Not sure.

the major advantage here would be if you didnt have to assemble the thing, if it just came off the machine fully functional. it's what a lot of people want but haven't figured out (thus the uncertainty involved in the deal)
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No relation to the crazy lady from Minnesota
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