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"Working with the best is not more expensive, it is priceless."
"Working with the best is not more expensive, it is priceless."

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Hey #MercedesBenz #mbusa your CPO is worthless. Both front door trim rattles so bad I get asked it they will lemon law it...I say Mercedes Benz said not covered even though it's CPO. They say I'll never buy one now!!! 

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Maybach is Back! Mercedes-Maybach S Class -S600 teased ahead of LA Motor Show.

Mercedes is reviving the lost brand with the ‘Best Car In The World’ - the German automaker has teased S Class’s new range topping Mercedes-Maybach S600 ahead of the Los Angeles Motor Show on November 18th. The company is making world premiere at LA but it will be also showcased at Guangzhou Motor Show later this month. Merc says that Mercedes-Maybach is sub-brand like the sportier Mercedes-AMG and will present MB vehicles in an exclusive luxurious avatar! So expect some more Mercedes-Maybach apart from the S600 coming our way in near future.

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Mortgage Bonds are at unchanged levels weighed down by rising Stock prices and  the lack of any economic data will keep thins even to lower. 
The week will also feature a truckload of new offerings from the Treasury by way of Notes and Bonds. The Fed minutes from the September 17 meeting will be released on Wednesday at 2:00pm ET. This si a movement event - so pay attention. 
I will begin recommending carefully floating and closely watch the markets. If anything changes, I will send out a lock alert. Have a great week! and remember me for your mortgage needs!! 888-816-6406 x101 rings my cell and desk!

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Today was “THE DAY”

Geo-political concerns in Hong Kong, ISIS, Iran, and Ukraine to mention a few along with poor manufacturing numbers where the fuse that ignited the stored energy in the MBS markets.  Not to mention the stock market levy that broke which enhanced the flight to safety.  Stocks ended the day down 238 points.  The chart below puts Mortgage backs within 7.5 ticks from the all-time best rates of the year achieved June 30th!  Don’t forget we’ve had strong resistance at 106:00 so all eyes are looking to the jobless numbers tomorrow hoping they won’t break the new momentum to 106:04.

Lower Equities prices caused by the geopolitical events (aka turmoil) and poor economic data from overseas and here in the U.S, are helping to propel Mortgage Bonds higher today - we have movement and good velocity so lets keep our fingers crossed for a new moving average.
ADP reported private employment growth in at near expectations, while a national manufacturing index came in lower than estimates.
With Mortgage Bonds prices pushing higher, I will recommend floating. If anything changes, I will send out an alert asap.

A strong reading from the second quarter Gross Domestic Product pushed Bonds lower earlier in the trading session, but prices were able to cut some of the losses. 
The final reading on September Consumer Sentiment came in near estimates and was not a market mover.
Mortgage Bonds continue to stall at current key technical levels. I will continue to recommend short term locking, measured in days. Have a great weekend and if a lock event happens ill send out a lock alert

After a high paced 5-day run higher, Mortgage Bonds are now near unchanged (-3bps as of this post). 
The only economic report being released today will be August New Home Sales at 10:00am, while the Treasury will be selling a load of 5-year T Notes. 
With #Mortgage #Bond prices stalling, I am recommending locking in the short term, measured in days to a few weeks, longer term floating SOOOO lock'em if you got'em.
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