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Chris Andrist

Is there any easy way to link 2 or more supergroups on the c-Bridge?

Is anybody using Radio Management?

I am thinking of setting it up for myself and a few other users so that I can update them without having to have them bring their radio to me.

Any bridge owners or admins want to test text messaging across bridges?

Currently I can text between 2 users on different repeaters, but on the same c-bridge.

Has anybody setup the Digital Telephone Patch (DTP)? If so, I would like to chat with you. In addition, does anybody know the cost of the EID to enable it?

Does anybody use the c-Bridge PC software? I see it in the sales brochure, but wasn't sure if it was an extra cost or not available to ham operators?

I own and operate Repeater KC7WST (314901) here in Utah County, Utah. The repeater runs under my club call and will be moving to its permanent home here in the next couple of weeks.

My repeater is under the NoCo Bridge.

Chris, KC7WSU

Can someone give me a few screenshots of what a supergroup looks like when it is Full Time and one that is PTT Activated?

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Connect Systems President Jerry Wanger announces plans to launch a combo DMR & D-STAR radio

Does anybody know if there are any cost effective ways to get MotoTRBO on an iPhone?

Homebrew D-Star Repeater Tuning.

Is there some tuning to the GMSK board that should be done to get a nice clean signal? If so, what do you need to do? I keep reading about deviation.

I have a service monitor and am trying to make my repeater sound and operate the best possible.
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