I'm a little over quantified these days: I'm wearing a Philips DirectLife, Nike Fuelband, Polar FA20 Activity monitor watch and my phone is running Runkeeper. (To say nothing of the Withings scale and Zeo sleep monitor.)

Meanwhile, my wife is wearing a Fitbit (and has her own Zeo and Runkeeper) and the kids are all wearing Zamzees. Not a motion happens in our house that isn't tracked!

All of these devices have their own pros and cons, but I wish that the activity ones at least could all boil down to a single one I can wear all the time that works with my phone when needed.

If the Nike Fuelband, which does work with the phone, were more of a glanceable watch like the Polar FA20, that would be perfect and I could dump the others. Nike does make watches, so fingers crossed that such a version is on the way.

Capsule reviews of the activity monitors:

* Philips DirectLife: Pro: long battery life, works well on a necklace. Con: expensive, doesn't do much more than a pedometer, website doesn't work with other services.

* Polar FA20: Pro: Great watch, battery lasts forever, easy activity-at-a-glance. Con: Terrible website, needs an expensive accessory to upload data, doesn't work with anything else.

* Nike Fuelband: Pro: comfortable design, good data display, works with phone. Con: it's early days yet, so the software doesn't do much yet. Just shows activity (doesn't record sleep yet, like the Fitbit) and there's no Android app. Website is good but can't merge with other data sources yet.
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