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My new book launches today!

If you liked The Long Tail, you'll love this. It's about what's happening as the Web's innovation model extends to the real world of physical goods. From 3D printing to Kickstarter, the industrialization of the Maker Movement could do for manufacturing what the Web did for content--an explosion of choice, creativity and entrepreneurship.

We've seen what what can happen when regular people get access to extraordinary tools, first with the PC and then with the Web. Now it's manufacturing's turn--the third wave of the digital revolution.

This is my most personal book. It starts with the story of my grandfather, the inventor of the automatic sprinkler system, and my own experience building a Maker community and then a company, 3D Robotics. But it also tells the stories of scores of other Makers who are using everything from desktop fabrication tools to "cloud manufacturing" to create new products and markets -- the Long Tail of Stuff.

I'm really excited about this movement. And I'm really proud of this book. I think you'll like it ;-)
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I have always been a fan of the long-tail business model and i never really got the opportunity to thank you for it. i believe i finally found a way to do that. heading to but the new book right now.  Thanks once again. 
My copy is expected to be delivered today! Looking forward to chatting with you about it at the next AVC...
May I ask why the Kindle edition costs more than the hardcover?
Gret News Chris where is possible buy it ?
Congrats Chris! Looking forward to reading it.
It is a simply outstanding book.

THE LONG TAIL was consequential.    This is even more so.
Awesome, can't wait to read it. Did you see the news item yesterday that a 3D printer manufacturer hurriedly seized a leased 3D printer when they learned it was intended to print firearms?

So many interesting angles to this movement, from firearms to copyright to distribution of labor. I can't wait to read your take on it.
Just read (listen) on a road-trip. Very well done, I might need to get a hard copy just for ready access to all the great industry references!
fyi - The share function in kindle version is not working correctly. works fine with other books in my library
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