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Does anyone know if the monthly security updates are only being bundled with the 7.1.1 previews on the Nexus 5X and 6P specifically? I'm on Preview 1 and haven't received November's yet. I had a similar problem on the N Beta when I got the final release, no more monthly security patches. Am I missing something? 

Is the "Avoid poor wi-fi connections" still a setting in #Android #Nougat #Nexus6P ? 

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Asus seems to have some leftover Nexus Player and Gamepads stock on their web store. I ordered them on Saturday and it showed up Tuesday. Was not expecting that. #NexusPlayer #AndroidTV

Just started getting my dock at the top of the screen with 5.0 Beta 2. That was supposed to be a bug fix? Lol. 

Coco!!!!! Ryon... What? Ryon is how he spells his first name? The base runner scores! A's win 1-0!!

Does anyone know why Android Pay (Android Pay can't be used.... Unable to verify device is Android compatible) will not work on CM13 OnePlus One? No root, TWRP, and unlocked bootloader. Can't really find an answer anywhere. 

People trying to sign in to a Google account over Verizon LTE on Nexus 7 2013 LTE might have to do it on wi-fi. If you can do it over cellular let me know here. Had major issues with Verizon sim installed earlier. <== On Marshmallow

Is anyone having problems signing into their Google account on the Nexus 7 2013 LTE on Marshmallow? 

All I needed on my PC in 1997 was ICQ, Hotline, Netscape, Quake II, and Windows 95. 

Hey +OnePlus​ I wanted to do a warranty exchange on my One for the touchscreen issues that weren't fixed. I was told to try Oxygen OS. I want to use Cyanogen. Is this really how you do business? 
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