Do we have any Bing experts in here?

If so, can anyone tell me why a 'Fetch as Bingbot' responds with:

"Status: The DNS resolution for the host of the url (or the redirected url) could not be resolved."

The domain is accessible. NSLookup & traceroute is fine. Fetch as Googlebot works fine.

I guess it could be a temporary glitch with Bingbot? Any ideas?
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Thanks all. IntoDNS did indeed show some errors which I have escalated to the domain registrar to investigate further.

I'm still not 100% sure why this would affect Bingbot but not Googlebot? So if anyone would like to educate me feel free! :-)

Thanks all.
Have you looked into your quality score on Google to see if something was lowering the 1/10 score?
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