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Hat-tip to: +Cory Swanson for this. And yeah... I wanna see representatives have performance based reviews. I want them to live in fear of being on a PIP. I saw an interesting link from The Atlantic Review about the lack of trust in institutions and a comment by a politician struck me as rather significant. It had to do with Voters not trusting politicians and politicians no longer trusting voters with hard truths. Reference:
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Not if that 9% rating comes from people we don't work for.
Aaaaaaaaah! It burns! It burns like fandom! But, of course, if I get to Tokyo in the next year or so, I am so going. Want anything?
Maybe a cool hat of course. Condoms would be a great gag gift. Gundam cup-of-soup or ramen would be amazing naturally. Hmm. It would be slick if they had a "emergency decompression survival kit", seeing as how it does happen in space. muses
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