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Choice DNA Laboratory has made testing easy!
Choice DNA Laboratory has made testing easy!

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While a simple DNA paternity test can be helpful, you might need a court admissible test in some situations. If you are considering a paternity DNA test, consider the benefits of a court admissible paternity test.

No Chance of Tampering
The primary difference between a personal DNA paternity test and a court admissible one is the presence of a third party or witness. Instead of a kit being mailed to you, it will be mailed to the third party, who will ship the samples after collection. This process removes the opportunity for an alleged father, child, or other party to tamper with the samples. While an at-home kit is often just as accurate, court require a more thorough approach. In some cases, you might want that additional level of assurance for yourself as well.

Results May be Used in Court
Even if you are not currently involved in a court case where a court admissible test is required, it may come up in the future. If you are going to pay for a personal test, it is not much more to upgrade. This way, you can keep the records for use in court, if you ever need them. While you might not anticipate problems, you cannot predict the future. An accurate, legal paternity test could be extremely valuable down the road.

The benefits of a court admissible paternity test are significant, and are absolutely critical if you are or think you might need to go to court. Call Choice DNA at 800-219-4362 to learn more about court admissible paternity testing today!

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DNA Testing Myths: 4 Myths You Need To Know About

There are a number of reasons why DNA testing is essential. It can help with solving a crime, in the instance of a custody battle, or wanting information on your ancestry. With everything, there are a ton of myths associated with DNA testing; it's important to get the facts straight in case you are wanting to use DNA testing services. Here are four DNA testing myths you need to know about.

DNA testing myths
Know What DNA Testing Myths Are True or False.
"You Have to Wait Until the Baby Is Born For Paternal DNA Testing."

It actually can be done through Amniocentesis, Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS), or Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity (NIPP) testing. NIPP is a good method because like the name says, it's non-invasive; with a blood test, parents are able to find out who the father is.

"Have To Give A Blood Sample For DNA Testing"

This is a DNA testing myth that is not true. You can use blood, hair, and other fluids for DNA testing. One of the most popular methods being a cheek swab, which is fast and painless.

"DNA Testing Isn't Accurate"

While at-home DNA testing kits are not accurate, DNA testing that is done at an AABB Accredited or is ACLASS accredited testing center, then testing is completely accurate.

"It's Too Expensive To Get DNA Testing"

When it comes to court cases involving crimes, child custody, or paternity, yes, the DNA tests might be a little more expensive. However, there are at-home DNA testing kits that are pretty affordable.

If you are looking for DNA testing services, call Choice DNA Testing at [nw_data field=phone] today.


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During child support and custody battles, paternity of the child may come into question. In these instances, the court may request a paternity test be completed. These days, your pharmacy section may have an at home testing kit that one can complete for DNA testing. You may wonder why, then, should you go to a DNA testing lab instead of just getting one of these handy kits. There are many reasons why, but there are two that are the most important in a paternity situation.

The Difficulties of Home DNA Paternity Testing

People Can Cheat The Test

While you may never consider this, some people do go out of their way to cheat the test. The at home system is more of a peace of mind test, a quick way to make sure for those who wonder about the paternity of their child. However, when it comes to serious situations such as court, people can tend to hedge their bets to make things go their way.

Non-Court Admissible

As easy to pick up as these tests are, the fact they are cheatable and the potential for mishandling make these tests non-court admissible. Again, while you may not have ever considered such actions, there are people out there who have had this happen. It can be infuriating to take a personal paternity test to find out later that you cannot submit it to court. For this reason, it is best to start with a legal, court admissible DNA test.

When you need a court admissible test, Choice DNA Testing is available for you. Call us today at 866-593-8586.


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Interested in ancestry DNA testing? Wondering what you’ll learn and if it’s worth the money? Here are a few reasons to consider DNA testing for ancestry purposes.   Finding Relatives If you’re working on a family tree or want to learn more about older…

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If you are searching for more information on your family and where you come from, DNA testing has made it simple to find out more about your genealogy through scientific data and research. Which ancestry DNA test is right for you? Depending on the which…

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There is much discussion these days in the media about immigration into the US, especially when it comes to refugees. Much of it is a result of fear — some warranted, some not — but it does raise the valid question for many in terms of what is actually…

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If you’ve been asked to take a paternity test, you might be nervous and apprehensive. Any time there is doubt about the identity of a child’s father, there is stress involved! But you don’t have to go through the process alone. At Choice DNA, we make the…

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The Netflix docu-series “Making a Murderer” has been in global news headlines for months now. The show tells the story of Steven Avery, a man who was found guilty of sexual assault in 1985, but was later exonerated by DNA testing after spending 18 years…

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If you are expecting a child, you are busy enough preparing to welcome your little one – don’t let questioning the paternity of your baby cause you stress. To help ease your mind, the testing specialists at Choice DNA offer several options to conduct a…

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DNA testing is a clear-cut method to answer some of life’s most complicated questions, but can the reliability of these tests be trusted? To help you understand the process of DNA testing and how reliable the results are, we walk you through the basics…
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