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Choice Resurfacing
Utah's Premier Kitchen And Bath Refinisher
Utah's Premier Kitchen And Bath Refinisher
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Join in this vintage carnival while supporting Utah schools in the process!

Choice Resurfacing is Utah’s largest Premier Resurfacing and repair Company and is looking to hire Full Time Resurfacing Technicians. We are a fast growing company with over 15 years of experience. We provide high quality work, and go to great lengths to keep up great attention to detail. We specialize in the resurfacing of bathroom and kitchen fixtures such as bathtubs, shower, sinks, countertops and tile.
No experience needed. Paid training is provided along with all the tools and equipment needed.
Personal Requirements:
• Strong Problem solving skills, and the ability to work with your hands.
• Must be able to work independently and with a group.
• Reliable, punctual with a good work ethic, and the ability to work independently.
• Applicants must take pride in their work.
• Must have a good driving record to drive company vehicles.
• Must be able to pass a background check and drug test.
• Previous experience in auto body, fiberglass, general construction labor, painting, Spraying with HVLP guns, or experience with similar tasks is a plus but is not required.
Job Responsibilities:
• Have great customer service.
• Able to keep the provided work truck clean and in order.
• Provide quality work for every job you are scheduled for.
• Keep track of your paperwork.
• Able to responsibly work with chemicals on a daily basis.
Starting position will be for a technician prep worker, your starting responsibilities will be to make repairs to a fixture, clean the fixture, and mask and prep the fixture for a resurfacing.
Opportunities to advance come as you demonstrate the skills needed to do the job. Trainees reaching a certain level of expertise will be provided with a company truck which will be used for company work. Advancement in the company is based off of merit skill.
Wages start at $12/hr and we offer paid vacation time. Fully trained technicians can expect to make at least $18-$20 per hour. The typical work schedule for technicians is Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5 PM.
Work is primarily in Utah’s Wasatch front region, with occasional out of state work.
For additional information about the company and the work that we do, visit our site
Address: 925 S Frontage Road
Centerville UT, 84014

If you have an interest in, or play string instruments, consider checking out the 4 String Festival with the Fry String Quartet for a day of learning, and performances!

Resurfacing 101: Acid etching is a form of adhesion that some re-finishers use to get coatings to stick to a surface. Unfortunately, acid etching doesn't always do the trick. Acid etching only uses a mechanical form of adhesion. This means that the coating that's applied to an etched surface is merely sitting on top of the original fixture. Choice Resurfacing uses a bonding agent that lets the coating and the original surface fuse together on a molecular level that creates one new surface, instead of just paint sitting over top.

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Drop something in your tub? Choice Resurfacing can fix chips like this one no problem to make your kitchen or bathroom fixture look like new!

Resurfacing 101:
Any resurfacing is prone to dust, debris, and other imperfections affecting the fresh surface. While some of these may disappear over time, some won't. To ensure our surfaces are always flawless and of the highest quality we perform a final detail the day after resurfacing. During this step we remove all imperfections, clean up after ourselves, and replace any caulking or fixtures that were removed.
By doing this we commit ourselves as Utah's premier refinisher.

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Lots of people come to us wanting to update the look of their tub. Bright colored fixtures have gone well out of style and replacing is expensive. Choice Resurfacing can really help to make your bathroom look more modern without having to go through the hassle of replacing anything.

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Who doesn't like chocolate and cheese? The Natural History Museum is hosting the Chocolate and Cheese Festival this Saturday and Sunday, featuring many local producers! Don't miss out on this one! 

Tech Tip Tuesday:
People often ask why other coatings need to be removed before we resurface.
First, our adhesion process can cause low quality coatings to bubble up and fail.
Second, if the previous coating is already failing, we don't want to adhere to it.
Third, to ensure the original surface is prepped and repaired properly for a long lasting finish.

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Is your tub yellowing, or having other discoloring/staining issues? Choice Resurfacing can fix that for you with a brand new surface that is not only strong, but also UV stable meaning that yellowing and discoloration will be a thing of the past!
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