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Chloe Witty
musing of a blogging post-grad. mild clothes and make up obsession
musing of a blogging post-grad. mild clothes and make up obsession

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Home Wishings
I'm in the mood to change a lot of my furniture. Don't ask me where this has come from, I think it's from seeing people move houses, but I really want to spruce things up. I think living in rented accommodation means, whilst I'd love to rip everything out, ...

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Modern Psychology
: AH DESIGNS How many times do we hear people saying "oh I'm so OCD about cleaning?", "that person is a psycho" and "I'm so depressed right now". In our real life and online conversations, we tend to hyperbole our emotions, to make them seem funny and somew...

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Striped Trousers
 : HELEN / LOVE CATS INC CHOKER: ASOS TOP: RIVER ISLAND TROUSERS: TOPSHOP SHOES: BIRKENSTOCK WRISTBAND: FITBIT ALTA Man, I need to work on my poses. You can tell I'm wholly out of practice. Plus, and if you'll excuse the self-indulgence of this opener, I wa...

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Chanel Candeur Et Experience Quad
CHANELLES 4 OMBRES 268 CANDEUR ET EXPERIENCE : £40 Sold at Boots , Debenhams & other Chanel Counters I am never one for limited edition products. Don't know why, but if something is LE, I'm normally put off. What if I love it, and I can never get it again? ...

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: Amy Rebair I had this post mentally planned out. It was eloquent and beautifully articulated, yet I've slept since then and of course all the words that I once had have fallen out of my head. So be prepared for a ramble here; I'll try and explain a lot. I...

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A Spring Style Guide
image from  style files A Spring Style Guide for Colder Cities Spring means something completely different across the world; for one region, the season marks the beginning of summer, and in other instances, spring is merely an extension of winter. Sometimes...

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Brown Sugar Marbled Nutella Cookies
My first baking post! I'm actually an avid baker now that I have weekends free. I use to be a pro at making brownies in my teenage years too, people would often request them instead of presents, but right now, I am digging the brown sugar cookies. I don't k...

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New In: The Body Shop Eldon Square
The Body Shop is potentially one of my favourite places in Eldon Square; not only because the staff are absolutely hilarious, but you can tell all of them love their job. Something which I think, coming from a background in retail, is often really hard to f...

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Looking Back: March & April
Well, hello gang. I always want to start these posts off by saying "it's been awhile, hasn't it?", and in fact this time it has been more than a while. Nearly 2 months since I last penned a post and it's not for want a of trying. Buckle up, this may be long...

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Roll Neck Attempt 2
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