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We design unique, creative, modern flower vases to bring a touch of joy to your everyday life.
We design unique, creative, modern flower vases to bring a touch of joy to your everyday life.

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Battle of the Pooley's

Help us determine which is the new King of the Bud Vases.

Challenger #1:
In the left corner the Classic 8 Hole Pooley 2. The Pooley 2 bud vase has been a Chive favorite for years. This fully glazed ceramic bud vase is perfect for single stems and even looks super cool sitting on your shelf with no flowers at all. How can you not love it.

Challenger #2:
On the right corner we have the New Puzzle Pooley. If you like changing up the look of your bud vases then this is the one for you. Piece them together and create a single vase. Pull them apart and display them separately. Still need more? Then mix and match the top and bottom with different  colored pieces and create a brand new look.

Vote until Nov. 16th. The winner of this battle will be posted on Nov. 17th. 
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Pooley 2
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Puzzle Pooley

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We love you, we really love you. So we’ve spent the last few months thinking and playing and tweaking to make the best it has ever been. The brand new site went up last week with a ton more pretty pictures, filtering options, zoom functions so you can get up close and personal with all the Chive creations...

Oh, we also added over 100 brand new Chive vases. So this is a little bit of a big deal.

It wouldn’t be a Chive re-launch if we didn’t include all you wonderful and sweet Chive groupies. 

So pop on over to and take it for a test spin. Let us know what you love, let us know what you don’t love, and let us know if there is something that is not working. The six of us here at Chive work hard to make sure we catch all the wonkiness before we go live but there might be one or two things that need a lil’ fixing.

We would also love for you to sign back up for your account. To keep your personal information safe and secure, we wiped out the data from the old site when we transferred over to the new site.

In exchange for your kindness and your efforts, we will take 20% off a purchase between today and Nov 2 at 11:59pm est When you use PROMO CODE: iluvchive.

#newsite   #chive   #newlook   #vases   #promocode  

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Playing around on photoshoot day there are many great pieces that are coming to Chive
Chive Photo Shoots
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Hey Chive Nation meet Noel he's super awesome and looks amazing with succulents.
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