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If you're looking for creative WordPress themes for various businesses like architecture, energy, agriculture, etc, bookmark this humongous list of #WordPress themes. 
Want a website? Choose from our collection of premium WordPress theme that are recommended by buyers as "best" to build online websites.

Chitraparna Sinha

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Feeling proud of his achievement #pranavsivakumar  #obama 
Another Indian-American kid, Pranav Sivakumar, has created history by becoming the first person to earn a second time Global Finalist Award in the 2015 Google Science Fair.

Chitraparna Sinha

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Small business owners need to know that consumers can use tricks to artificially inflate their credit score. How do people game their credit score?

Chitraparna Sinha

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Learn how to implement internal links for SEO purposes quickly and easily with these 13 stupidly simple laws you can action TODAY.

Chitraparna Sinha

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Wrote something for +EsmeeNetwork  after a long time..about 3000 words.

It's about "long form content marketing" and how it is REALLY needed to build online authority, funnel leads and generate better ROI. Unlike the perception that audiences don't "read", scientific data prove otherwise. 

#contentmarketing   #contentpromotion   #longformcontent   #contentwriting  
Read the detailed coverage on long form content marketing and how is the SOLE way to build brand authority and earn maximum ROI for business.
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I did and I am yet to hear back from you :)

Chitraparna Sinha

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It's as important to say NO as it is to say YES #blogging #blog #business 

Chitraparna Sinha

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Do you use a project management software? 

Chitraparna Sinha

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From one of the greatest writers of our century #jkrowling   #quotestoliveby   #motivational  
10 JK Rowling quotes on life that everyone should understand and imbibe. She is a genius who weaved magic, literally, on a generation of readers.

Chitraparna Sinha

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Giving a talk at the #GetSetBlog event organised by Danish Wadhwa, the founder of My talk is centered on "blog content development and marketing". #blogging  
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You're right Harish. The organisers recorded it on iPhone. 

Chitraparna Sinha

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Are you a student? Here are some resourceful ways to start making money online. 

Chitraparna Sinha

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Thanks for featuring me on #ThePickDrop  +Rajeesh N It's one of my best interviews ever. Was amazed to find how closely people follow someone career growth :) 
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good one
I breathe and live my work as a writer / online content developer.
I am a rebel. People hate me sometimes because I look for logic and reason before believing anything. I do not trust people easily but once I do, it is for life. 

I am self-employed. I do what I love most - I write. There is something profoundly satisfying to express what you want. I write for personal and professional reasons, both. 

If you are looking for someone to manage your business / blog through content development, you are at the right place. :) 
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