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Chisel Wright (Chiz)

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Palm readers have operated in seaside towns across the country for many years. Many people put their trust (and hand over considerable amounts of money) to psychics - especially in times of need. I...
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Chisel Wright (Chiz)

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Since Jan '15 the hotel have got stricter about blatant take-away/deliveries. You can still have them on site but you can no longer bring food in through the main reception area. 
I thought I'd write down a few things that might be useful for new/inexperienced attendees. It's not comprehensive, but should be enough to make the weekend a little easier and allow people to plan around the availability an...
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The current version of the app (1.0.16) has been reported to have more regular crashes.
I've had a few user submitted reports via Android's bug reporting process; from this I've been able to work out where it's crashing, but not why.

Over the weekend I've been trying to find a way to reliably reproduce the issue. I may have found it.

If you manage to get two circles close enough that they become one circle only (and there are still two or more circles in total) then one of post-countdown steps incorrectly thinks the extra circle is still there and tries to perform actions on something that doesn't exist.

I've a couple of ideas how to resolve this and hope to have the next release fairly soon. 
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Chisel Wright (Chiz)

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Chisel Wright (Chiz)

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Now I've made more progress with the app I've started thinking about features and tweaks I can make.

Today I've been wondering about vibrating feedback: when a new finger is added; when the countdown completes

I'm worried that I might just be adding features for the sake of it now.

This change would make the app require its first permission at install time, so even if it defaults to Off there would still be done impact on end users.

What do you think? 
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No! Don't do it!
Sounds cool!
Meh, I don't care either way.
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Definitely no need for vibration. It may want more features, but think long and hard about what ones. Don't just crowbar them in for no reason. Get the app out there live, and get it thrown around a few board game blogs etc
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Chisel Wright (Chiz)

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I've written about the app's evolution and growth. 
Over the last few days I've been working on improvements to the Android app I released last year. The driving force for this has mostly been a co-worker regularly asking me when I'm going to add "start order" to the app. I've...
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Chisel Wright (Chiz)

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Last week I wrote It's the Future, a piece that satirized the container ecosystem, lightly mocking Docker and Google and CoreOS and a bunch of other technologies. Lots of Docker enthusiasts enjoying being the butt of the joke, but it was also much loved and shared by lots of people yelling “I ...
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Oh dear. I don't think that's supposed to happen. I was just walking along wondering what was hitting my arm... 
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Chisel Wright (Chiz)

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My device seems to have developed a weird kind of horizontal ghosting.
It's visible in many apps where there is light text on a dark background.

I've done my best to capture an example; the white bars you can see either side of 'qunit', 'jquery' and 'sign up now' are three instances that stand out quite well.

Has anyone seen anything like this? Any thoughts on the cause? Or a solution? 
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There's an app in the Play Store, "Check My Androd" and it's free.
Tap the "Screen And Dead Pixels" to confirm your suspicion.
I used it from time to time to check hardware issues in my N7 (2013).
Also there are similar apps other than the one I mentioned. It's your choice.

If there's a problem with the screen and if it's still in warranty, then have it replace.
Hope this helps...
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Chisel Wright (Chiz)

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You guys must be doing something right - the app is now showing in the page of top level results for the app (by exact name).
All progress is good. 
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