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I just read +Dustin W. Stout  repost from +Mike Allton about the new twitter profile and guess what showed up on my timeline?   

#twitterprofile   I think I will give it a try...
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Hmmm. Looks like a good idea. :)
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Chip Dizárd

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A behind the scenes look at +Amani Channel video closet. I may have to snatch some stuff from there! ha 
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I am sharing this to the community because I think it may benefit someone. I have been testing out the FREE open source software called +OpenLP and it is very good.  I had the opportunity to interview the lead volunteer +Raoul Snyman  on my podcast and he gives some insight into the project. 

#podcast   #churchpresentationsoftware  
Podcast: Play in new window | Download Subscribe in  iTunes | Stitcher Raoul Snyman is the lead volunteer at OpenLP, an open source church presentation software. He talks about the project and why open source software is important to …
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They did contact me and said Mac devs are working on it. I do are with you, I think it's a good software but it's just not as good on all platforms in my opinion. Plus you CANT beat the price, thank you +OpenLP
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 +Amani Channel  does a great job breaking down mobile video in this latest podcast.   In Part 1 he goes over the must-haves for mobile product.  Check it out.

#mobile   #mobilevideo   #mobileapps  

cc: +Mika Nicole  +Vonda Miles  +Elbert Westcott 
Podcast: Play in new window | Download Click here to subscribe in iTunes | Stitcher Mobile video production is coming of age thanks to high quality smartphone and tablet video, apps, and accessories. You’ve probably whipped out your device of choice at one time or another to capture a family event, a unusual moment, or at a concert. …
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Chip Dizárd

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So true. Good post +Brett Relander 
My latest from +Entrepreneur! Why You Should Be On G+

Be cognizant of the Google connection. Google is at the epicenter of all search engines. While Bing is also a player, Google is still the big daddy. There is sufficient anecdotal evidence to suggest that profiles that do well on Google+ get indexed quicker on Google. Add to that the fact that Google Plus business pages are beginning to show up on search engine results pages, and you have two very strong reasons to work on establishing a presence here.

#Google #GooglePlus #SocialMedia
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Chip Dizárd

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Great photos! 
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On this Thursday April 24th, I am doing a webinar about podcasting. for pastors. If you or your church has considered creating a podcast you should attend this free webinar. 
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Chip Dizárd

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Yes! Loving this graphic. Thanks +Dustin W. Stout  for resurrecting this! #easter  
Keep Calm, It Is Finished

Made this a while back. Seemed like a good time to resurrect it. ;)

Have a great weekend everyone! Lots to celebrate.

#HappyEaster #ResurrectionSunday #Jesus #Christianity
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Chip Dizárd

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If you haven't tried using OpenLP you should. It has the best price going---FREE.  I had the opportunity to interview +Raoul Snyman  and he gave me inside information about the software and platform in my latest podcast. 
Podcast: Play in new window | Download Subscribe in  iTunes | Stitcher Raoul Snyman is the lead volunteer at OpenLP, an open source church presentation software. He talks about the project and why open source software is important to …
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Yes, you can. Thanks +Charles Smith 
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Chip Dizárd

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A good read..
What did you get done today? Knowing the answer makes a huge difference in your motivation levels.
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