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GPD-WIN: Cherry Trail Win10 Gaming Palmtop

GPD, maker of cheap Android tablets, currently has an Indigogo campaign running to finance a 5.5" clamshell device promising to put (low powered) windows gaming in your pocket. Roughly the size of a 3DS XL, GPD is touting the following specs:

Atom X5 z8550 quad core 1.44GHz (2.4GHz boost)
4GB dual channel LPDDR3 RAM
64GB EMMC + microSD slot
5.5" 1280x720 capacitive IPS touchscreen
Wifi b/g/n + bluetooth LE 4.0
6000mAH battery
Full qwerty keypad + Xinput gaming controls.
Windows 10 Home (fully licensed, or so they claim)

$299 if you jump on the preorder campaign, or ~$500 after. More pics and details on the Indigogo page:

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Looking for a miniPC with a couple specific features.

First, it needs to be an x86/windows device.

Second, it needs to be able to run headless. I know this is a problem with many of the Chinese minis.

Third, it needs a BIOS option to automatically boot up after a power loss.

I'm really hoping there is a cheap (<$200) mini that meets all these criteria. Can anybody weigh in?

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New fanless Celeron N3000 mini announced by ASRock.  Includes a USB type C connector and support for 4k video over displayport.  Looks like they'll be offering it in at least two storage/RAM configurations, in addition to a barebones kit.  No pricing mentioned, unfortunately.

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1GHz allwinner A13 CPU, Mali 400 GPU, 512MB RAM, 4GB flash, composite video / analog audio out, MIC in, wifi, bluetooth, GPIO, full size USB, and built-in battery management, all for nine freaking dollars.  It will ship with a full Debian-based distro installed.

VGA & HDMI shields are available for $10/$15.  

The coolest part might be the optional "pocketchip" touchscreen/keyboard/battery/enclosure that turns it into a blackberry-style pocket computer.  

The only down side is that the boards won't ship before December, and the pocketchip won't be available until next spring.

Despite the naming coincidence, I have nothing personally to do with this project :)

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Acer announced a new line of mini HTPCs.  At 4.2x4.2x6.1 inches and ranging from $250 to $580, the Revo One RL85 is obviously aiming for the same segment as the NUC.  Interestingly, it appears to fit up to two 2.5" hard drives ( ) in it's time-capsule-esque enclosure.
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The MiniPC looks very interesting, depending on how large it is. I've been waiting for an atom-based box that will house a 2.5" drive for travel media center purposes. Assuming this won't take up too much room in a carry-on, I might grab one. 
Yet other Intel Z3735F mini PCs, but they also support USB 3.0, SATA, Gigabit Ethernet, and dual band Wi-Fi.

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I'm trying to compile a list of ARM minis which have fully-functional desktop linux distros available.  By "fully-functional", I mean all the hardware works.  By "available" I mean there is an image or installer that the average user can use without having to compile from scratch.  So far the list is pretty sparse.  I'd appreciate links to other devices which fit the criteria.  Thanks.

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