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Chongqing Hi-Sea Marine Equipment Import & Export Co.,Ltd.
We insist on doing everything seriously, and continuously improve our team's service capabilities.
We insist on doing everything seriously, and continuously improve our team's service capabilities.


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Diesel Anchor Windlass:
Diesel anchor windlass widely used in ocean engineering,construction,water conservancy,forestry,mining,port and other material lift or drag.
Normally,diesel anchor windlass also widely used in ship,railway,engineering machinery,petroleum,geolgical exploration,metallurgical and other industries.
Main advantage and feature:
1.Compact structure and precision design;
2.Small volume,light weight,good looking appearance;
3.Good safety ,high efficiency,large starting torque;
4.Good stability with low speed,low noise,reliable operation;
5.The overall structure and reasonable and have enough intensity and rigidity.
Basic Information:
1.Driven Type: Diesel Engine
2.Runnin Mode: Stationary
3.Packing: Wooden Case
4.Origin: China
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Product Content:
Application: The high-velocity relief valve (pressure/vacuum valve for cargo oil tank) generally uses by the relief system of the oil tanker and chemical tanker, according to the current regulations;IMO and IBC. the relief system used for oil tanker and chemical tanker is more important for the safety of the ship. It's not only for ensuring the safely of the cargo oil tank, avoid over-pressure or low-pressure; but also for controlling the fire, The dangerous of explosion and the releasing of the noxious gas.
Operational principle: The experiment proves the valve will open while the pressure of the system reaches to the set pressure; the valve stem is lifted or dropped while the pressure rising or falling. The stem will never full lifted and cracked while it under the maximum working pressure (less than 25kPa).
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Product Content:
Be used to monitor liquid level for oilcan, pagoda, slot or. Production platform. Also, be used in various oil tankers and chemical ships.
Operational principle:
radar transmitter adopt C — Band or K — Band technology for continuous level measurement. The process as follow: first, the antenna of the radar sensor emits a short radar pulses a duration of approx.1ns. These pulses are reflected by the object and received by he antenna as echoes. The running time of the radar pulses from emission to reception is proportional to the distance and hence to the level. The determined level is converted into an appropriate output signal and outputted as measured value.
Germany VEGA:
•  VEGAPULS radar sensor
•  VEGAFLEX microwave pilot
Technological parameter:
•  range: 0 ~ 10m,0 ~35m
•  accuracy: ≤ max0.1%
•  Power: DC24V
•  output signal: 4 ~d20mA
•  Protection class: IP67
  Ex-proof rank: ExiaⅡCT6
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Nitrogen  Generator
Psa nitrogen making device is to use carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent, using the principle of pressure swing adsorption (psa) for nitrogen equipment. Under certain pressure,
Use of oxygen in the air, nitrogen in carbon molecular sieve adsorption on the surface of the speed difference, namely carbon molecular sieve adsorption speed is greater than for oxygen nitrogen, through programmable Process control of the pneumatic valve open/close to A, B two alternating cycle, pressure adsorption and vacuum stripping process, complete separation of oxygen and nitrogen, get by The purity of nitrogen.
Low range adopted potential equalizing process , improve the utilization rate of the nitrogen recovery rate and carbon molecular sieve has also changed the use of psa can't for making high purity nitrogen (N2) 99.9995% of the history;
Pressure tower body design of low unique patent, and ensure the service life of molecular sieve long cycle;
Using humanized man-machine interface, intelligent control, simple operation;
Stable and reliable low pipe pneumatic valve technology, equipment operation to provide guarantee;
Bring the best line equipment price than the low efficient molecular sieve advantage;
Compact and reasonable design, convenient installation and maintenance;
Low advanced patent load adaptation function in variable working conditions to realize further energy conservation
Areas of application:
Chemical, petroleum, electronics, heat treatment, powder metallurgy, food, tires, rubber, new material, military industry, ports, transportation and other fields.
Nitrogen flow :1 ~ 3000 nm3 / h                    Nitrogen pressure :0.05 ~ 1.0 MPa
Nitrogen gas purity: 97-99.9995%                Dew point :- 45 ℃
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 Chain stopper
With the continuous development of the shipbuilding industry, the chain stopper more extensive range of applications, the importance is growing. Its compact structure, stable performance and high reliability. For chain stopper I have described below instructions.
The chain's system types:
Spiral chain stopper: the two plywood and there are threaded screw down with the handle of a composition. When you turn the crank so that the two clamping jaws that grip the chain; contrary loosen plywood, chain can freely. Although its elastic action is slow, but the structure is simple and reliable, so medium and small vessels still widely used.
Knife-type chain stopper: simple structure, rapid operation. But its large size when cumbersome, generally used only on small and medium sized vessels.
Chain stopper: consists of a chain hook, a screw and a short telescopic chains. It is fixed with a shackle on deck when using the chain hook on a horizontal chain link, and then tighten the screws stretching that cho taut chain. It is often associated with spiral chain system supporting the use of a spiral chain stopper auxiliary devices.
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Cleat Fairlead B type CB*436-2000
The base material fairlead for grade steel for hull, and meet the requirements of GB712, the base platform diameter deviation 5mm, roundness is not more than 3mm, the flatness is less than 3mm, the base height deviation 20mm
Fairlead welds shall be smooth, uniform, surface shall not have cracks, slag inclusion, overlap, splash and disordering defects
Fairlead base shall be flat and smooth, no burr, crack and take off
Tour guide roller should be flexible rotation
Fairlead roller surface should be coated with asphalt paint, rust base surface after coating anti rust primer two degrees
Fairlead roller guide cup cable shaft and a pin hole filling lubricating grease
Test method
By pushing the roller, the roller rotation test flexibility
Touch the fairlead roller and the base surface detection platform, burr if it clears
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Triple Fairlead Roller
Fairlead roller is a ship mooring equipment , is widely used in the shipbuilding industry , its compact structure , stable performance, etc.
Fairlead roller the choice of materials and the treatment process have higher requirements and practices, on the surface treatment of spare parts , such as coating treatment can greatly increase the life of spare parts , they will be produced in different materials that the use of quality and life have a significant impact , which also formed a phenomenon in the market price of the spare parts due to the different materials and processes to produce radically different . There indenter and supporting the use of the wheel , and this role is to head down to the first cover office, took on the task of rolling completed seaming rollers .
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German Type Anchor Chains Releaser
 Anchor chains releaser handles are stored outside the cabin, without cutting off the chain to the separation of the anchor chain and hull, also does not need the personnel to enter the chain store tank, used on board ship encountered when improving the safety factors of sudden danger. Anchor chains releaser and chain store bulkhead welding, and the end link fastened. End link cab by the human release, because the operating handle just in stored outside the cabin.
In the storm or the storm, when the chain will have a huge tension, and anchor at the end of the stopper plate rupture or shedding, anchor in the non-control state swing back and forth, when considering the force may give the hull damage caused and endanger the ship, we should use the Anchor chains releaser to abandon the chain.
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The water pressure tank, which is the system to supply the drinking water, or washing water on the vessel.
ZYG-1.0 Stainless Steel Water Pressure Tank Specification
1. Design Pressure: 0.7 MPa;      
    Working Pressure: 0.4 MPa;
    Working medium:fresh water
2. Structural testing: 0.875MPa
     Dense experiment:1.05MPa
3. Inside and outside superficial stain removal,
    The internal surface coates non-toxic white
    Drinking water tank primer and finish 2 degree;
    Outside surface  paint  Fuxin primer 2 degrees, coating blue enamel paint 2 degrees.
4. Power supply: 3P  AC480V 60Hz (optional)
5.The standard of the flange: CB46-89
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1. The S and P Flex Separator Systems Description
The S and P Flex range of separator systems for fuel oil and lubricating oil combines the unique strengths of Alfa Laval's S-separators and P separators with a modular concept for truly flexible supply.
The S and P Flex range combines essential protection with high flexibility, letting you design and construct your Alfa Laval separator system as you see fit. Incorporating the advanced efficiency of the newly updated S-separator and the affordable simplicity of the P-separator, it lets you choose the separation system that best meets your performance needs and available space.
2. The S-separator – newly enhanced
The S-separator is the world’s best-selling and most efficient separator for fuel and lube oil. Using Alfa Laval’s unique Alcap technology, it automatically adjusts to the nature of your oil, giving you thorough protection and maximum economy from your fuel.
Today’s S-separator contains enhancements that further increase its efficiency. Smart modifications in the disc stack, including an increase in separation area, allow up to 20% more flow with retained separation performance. This lets you process the same amount of oil with a smaller separator.
Additional features, including a more robust drive system, add to the S-separator’s reliability and further reduce lifecycle cost.
3. The P-separator
The P-separator shares many features with the S-separator, but it is designed for well-defined oils with fewer but vital process issues. Instead of the more refined Alcap technology, it has a manually set gravity disc or clarifier disc in the separator bowl.
The result is a separator with the same high performance, but one that is more suitable for lubricating and marine diesel oils, as it does not automatically compensate for density fluctuations.
4. A low-wear mechanical platform

S-separators and P-separators are built on a low-wear mechanical platform that features CentriShoot and Centrilock.
The CentriShoot discharge system, which greatly reduces sludge volumes, has a fixed discharge slide that flexes gently at the edges to expose the discharge ports.
The CentriLock bowl-locking system uses a lightweight, non-threaded snap ring that snaps in and lifts out with no more than an Allen key.
Both of these features prevent metal-to-metal wear. As a result, they minimize the risk of bowl replacement and significantly reduce lifecycle cost.
5. Flexible supply
The Flex range concept provides flexible options for the delivery of S-separators and P-separators:
1) Flex system
A separator with ancillaries as block components provides full say over the use of space in the engine room. This option allows local modularization or do-it-yourself assembly.
2) Flex modules
Customer-specified modules can be created using a wide variety of skids and machine blocks. Modular components can be delivered separately and assembled on site, which makes even larger systems easy to retrofit. Mixed modules are also possible for the simultaneous treatment of different mineral oils.
All deliveries feature the modular and easy-to-use EPC controller, which is based on standard supply and connects via Ethernet or bus communication to onboard automation systems.
6. How it works
1) S-separator
The Alfa Laval S-separator is the principle component of a range of high efficiency heavy fuel oil separation systems. Based on proven Alcap oil treatment technology, the Alfa Laval S-separator combines heavy fuel oil and lubricating oil treatment into a single separator, thanks to software that makes it possible to set the relevant parameters in the process controller.
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