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Does anyone know what Miley Cyrus was thinking? What did you think of her performance and the VMAs in general?
Mile Cyrus made sure the audience knew that she could shake it with the best of them -- even large dancing teddy bears -- Sunday at MTV's annual Video Music Awards ,
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"thinking"   aaaaaahhhhhhhhhahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!  good one.
Whether you liked the performance or not it did accomplish a number of things.

More people are talking about the VMAs than ever.

People that probably never would have watched it are now checking it out.

Miley is now back in the news.

It gave media a lot to talk about which is good business for the media.

Points to remember ...

Miley didn't make that up and do it all by herself the VMA producers and the other performers knew ... it was all choreographed and rehearsed beforehand.

Miley (and maybe the VMAs) was obviously making a point of screw Disney and their rules if you looked at her first outfit.

How many times have we seen guys do those same kind of moves in music videos and not been so judgmentally harsh on them?

Music videos have always been about entertainment and have traditionally pushed the limits so this fits right in.

Heck, Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines video has this kind of stuff in it.

Why is it ok for men to love this stuff in magazines, online videos and men's clubs but don't let a mainstream celeb flaunt her body.

I am not saying it was good or bad or that I liked it or didn't. I just think a deeper conversation is more valuable than just feeling all righteous toward Miley.

Haven't watched the VMA's since I was a Child. Don't believe I know anyone that does.
Ahhh, see Gregory, that's a good point many haven't and don't but they got in your radar when they wouldn't have been. Even if they had to use Miley to do it.
+Rod Wagner I can see your point ... But this was a production, not just Miley's show. More than just Miley are responsible for her being dressed like that and dancing like that.

I am not condoning or condemning it, I just believe a deeper discussion needs to go on about our culture and how we use child stars.

Also, why is it ok for men and not women...Mick Jagger has been doing that stuff for years.

As for children viewing it, that is unfortunate but it's the VMA's ... It is not a kid show ... Music and music videos have always pushed the limits and still do, we as parents should not be surprised.

I do agree some type of warning or rating would be helpful and that is exactly my point in wanting a deeper discussion than just ripping her.
This got on my radar because I follow the Trib for news. This isn't News. My conversations will be saved for things that matter and not the behavior of the privileged few at an awards show.
People watch the VMAs still?
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