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Happy Birthday Michael Jordan! Bulls legend and greatest of all-time turns 49 today.
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Happy birthday to the best player ever and my favorite player Michael J. Jordan wishing him the best
Happy Birthday MJ. You are the greatest player of all times.
Michael Jordan shaves his head only on Tuesdays.
thats awesome he's awesome he can beat any1
Happy Birthday!! Ur were the uncontended greatest!!
And he's STILL better than Kobe or Lebron.
Happy Birthday Michael Jordan !!!
Happy Birthday, Mr. Jordan. Have the wonderful day.
Happy Birthday Michael! Thanks for making the '90s in Chicago so magical and memorable for us - they don't make basketball players like you anymore!!
Happy Birthday Micheal Jordan I'm a big fan of you
Happy Birthday Michael Jordan, From Peru am wish you the best...enjoy your day with the family and friends
Maybe in traveling. But seriously, are you trying to say LBJ is a fan of MJ or was influenced by MJ by pointing to Jordan? Because MJ always showed up in the Finals to say the least.
Happy birthday mj, your still the best!
Michael Jordan = best basketball player of all time.
Happy b-day !!! The Legend of Basketball #michaeljordan :)
Derrick Rose is a boss but he has some work to do if he wants to be compared to jordan
happy b day Micheal you inspired me to play basketball
I was inspired by Dirk Nowitzki.
My inspirations are Dirk Nowitzki, Ray Allen, Amare Stoudemire, Derrick Rose, Kevin Garnett, and Carmelo Anthony
Ok then. No need to be cruel about it Sebastian.
Lin tore up against the mavericks! He is a boss
Hey Chicago Bulls, Could You tell me when d-rose is comming back
happy birthday Michael Jordan you basketball legend
I hope D-Rose is back tomorrow
Bulls vs Hawks soon! Go bulls! Anyone watch KD vs nuggets? SO BOSS
D. Rose ... back with explosive play.. as always.
The best in the NBA for PG goes: Rose, Westbrook, Paul, Rondo, then like Lin or Brooks or Parker or something
JOakim noah is a boss but d rose is better. well i guess you can't really compare them. GO BULLS
bulls rock house happy bday micheal jordan the king of ball
Mj is my inspiration to play basketball I have his book and happy b day mj your the only player I love
Happy birthday to the best player in the world an my favorite player MICHAEL JORDAN 
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