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Mission to Empower
Mission to Empower

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Do you struggle with self-doubt?

This is a BIG one for me to share. You can listen if you don't have time to read.

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New on the blog**
When you can't stop feeding yourself the Bullshit.
When's the last time you called yourself out for making excuses?
[Audio Available]

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Yay, yay!
Basically, when I get back to writing, I REALLY get back to writing.
Brand new post :) and it's a super meaty one!

+ < 12 min audio if you prefer to listen.
+ And a really awesome worksheet to go along with the material.

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*NEW ARTICLE* [ Audio 6.5 min ]

Apply these 6 mindset shifts and I promise, the world around you will suddenly change.

What do you think? Agree or disagree?

** If this serves you in any way and you dig it, please give it a share! **

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NEW ARTICLE [ 5 min audio ] + Surprise Announcement :)
"It's too late" is a fucking excuse. It's fear, self-doubt, and all the other creepy crawly bullshit emotions masquerading as reasons to not go for the thing you want.
Own it. Fucking DECLARE IT. You want to make a change? You want to transform your life? SHOW UP. Don't hide behind the bullshit. Show up and DEMAND happiness for yourself.
This week's piece (and surprise announcement at the bottom) is about it NEVER being too fucking late to live the life you love.
** If you dig it, please share it **

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[Audio 6 min]

Wrote this piece for a couple of friends going through similar experiences... Somehow, I feel like we can all relate to this -- right?

This is definitely a piece to share, even if just with someone who needs it.

If you dig it, please share <3

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This is the result of a highly inspirational weekend. I feel like parts of the audio would be good in a gatorade commercial.
What do you think? And as always, if you dig it, please share.
[Audio < 5 mins]

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Repeat after me: You are not flawed.

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New Post Are you a wild spirit?
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