Oh noes! Android fragmentation broke stuff!

Edit: PEBKAC, see edit below.

That shiny new +DigiCal widget we released today seems to fail to show up on certain HTC devices, the One S and One X seem to be affected.

After an initial wild guess that it might be, somehow, too large, I've sent a user a test build with a smaller 3x3 default size, but as it didn't help, the issue is somewhere else.

I know there are some Android devs out there on G+, anyone knows how a widget can break on only the latest HTC devices?

Diagnostics: it's just not there. The logs show a list of CombinedWidgetProvider saying addAppWidget, with the ComponentInfo of other apps+widgets, but not the com.digibites.calendar one.

We've updated the app to be installed on the internal memory only, as the problem seems to be caused by installation to the SD card. That workaround worked for a Galaxy Y and the One X samples we have.

Yell if you still have issues.
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