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Episode 3 of Hard Boiled in the Big Easy just went live

"Hard Boiled" is an "illustrated audio drama" made to help promote the Kickstarter for a table-top 1930's Horror RPG game set in New Orleans called "Deadlands Noir"

In it, I play the gravel voiced Private Eye "Harvey Jenkins", I also did all the audio engineering, along with all the illustrations, and will be the artist for the entire RPG book. - whew

The game reached it's initial target in under 3 hours and now we are working hard to find cool ways to expand on the project providing a whole line of neat stuff, including poster maps, dice, figures, and now a companion book with info on what other cities are like in this Noir alternate earth
and in related news, I'm gong to Gen Con this year!
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You really murdered your goal on kickstarter. Congrats!
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