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Chevron Fast Lube is OPEN and ready for business...... We have specials on our website...

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What a difference a day can make. Repair is on the way!!!!

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February 08,2015 NOBODY WAS HURT!!!!!

Have a SAFE 4th of July !!! 
Our Opening Hours:
July 4th(Saturday): Closed
July 5th(Sunday): Closed
July 6th - July11th (Monday-Saturday): 8am - 6pm
July 12th(Sunday): 9am - 5pm

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We are Closed On Memorial Day. See you on Tuesday for an oil change or more...
Memorial Weekend Opening Hours:
Sunday: CLOSED
Monday: Closed

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Do you need a fast oil change before you hit the road ??

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May 18, 2015 -
"The average price in California for regular gasoline increased 7.5-cents from the previous week."

So, What Can I Do to Improve my Fuel Economy ?

• Avoid idling. Idling the engine wastes fuel and produces unnecessary pollution.
• Check tire pressure regularly. Keep your tires inflated to their recommended pressure.
• Take action if your check engine light comes on. If the check engine light is illuminated, take your vehicle to a mechanic that has check engine(OBD)code reading capabilities and repair any malfunctioning parts.
• Drive sensibly and observe speed limits. Driving fast and/or aggressively (rapid acceleration and hard braking) can significantly reduce your fuel economy.
• Perform regular vehicle maintenance. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule.
• Plan your trips. Get all of your errands done at once. Your engine is more efficient when it is warmed up, so one long trip is better for your car’s efficiency than many short trips.
Don’t forget to carpool when possible.
• Minimize vehicle weight and maximize aerodynamics. Think before you put something big on top of your car or something heavy in, on, or towed-behind your car. "
These recommendations from the EPA site.
"At the Garage
Keep your engine tuned. Tuning your engine according to your owner's manual can increase gas mileage by an average of four percent.
Change your oil. According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), you can improve your gas mileage by using the manufacturer's recommended grade of motor oil. Motor oil that says "Energy Conserving" on the performance symbol of the American Petroleum Institute contains friction-reducing additives that can improve fuel economy. "

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HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From All of Us at Chevron Fast Lube  

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