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A Monthly Digest of Our Content - May Edition

“It is with great enthusiasm that we join forces with Oracle Data Cloud,” Goodhart said in the acquisition release. “When Oracle approached us about working together, we began to see the huge potential to jointly drive innovation. At our core, we believe there is an opportunity to fundamentally improve marketing and storytelling by brands and publishers through better data and analytics.”

You can read more from the article through the link here: (

“We’ve seen a marked increase in SaaS adoption in the enterprise, especially in large and mid-market organizations,” Philip Vorobeychik, Vice President at Insight said. “With that comes a greater awareness of the fact that companies are responsible for recovery of data lost due to user error or malicious activity. We believe Spanning has all the ingredients for continued success and market leadership – a great team devoted to customer success, innovative products, committed customers and a strong global presence.”

Full article here - (

Expanding data centers that host this platform is strategically important as the company faces stiff competition from the cloud giants, who have been investing tens of billions of dollars in data center infrastructure annually.

Full article in Talkin' Cloud here: (

Oracle Announces $1.2 Billion Cloud Revenue For First Quarter

It would seem that Oracle’s #cloud prowess is increasing after releasing their first quarter revenue results.

Deloitte Acquires Cloud Consulting Firm Day1 Solutions

#Deloitte has announced that it has acquired Virginia-based Day1 Solutions. The move comes as Deloitte looks to further expand its cloud services and reach. One month ago Deloitte joined forces with 2,500 cloud practitioners to form an AWS cloud collaboration. Deloitte is hoping that this new acquisition will elevate and accelerate the company’s ability to connect with leading cloud platforms.

rankingCoach Sells Stake to United Internet

Although #SEO companies don't typically made headlines on our page, this story caught our attention and we thought was worth sharing today - as it is tangentially related to the*web hosting* industry.

Whitman Struggles in Shift to Smaller Size & Cloud Pressure (

Meg Whitman, #HewlettPackard CEO has been at the helm of a company-wide initiative to define the company more as a more efficient corporate tech provider. It's a great goal, but has run into trouble due to cloud computing rivals, and rising costs.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure Device Launched by Diamanti Raises $18M

More #financing news to share today folks, it was reported that Diamanti a startup that makes data center hardware and software has launched its first product and closed a Series B funding round with $18 million.

Yahoo Sale Price Cut by $350 Million

We mentioned the possibility that #Yahoo could go for a lower sale price to #Verizon and it appears that these negotiations have reached an actual price tag.

Cloud Infrastructure Equipment Revenue To Reach $70 billion in 2016 -

A new #cloudcomputing report by +Synergy Research Group has released figures about the revenue share in the cloud industry. The report states that not only do HPE and Cisco still have the lead in the cloud market infrastructure share but, additionally:

Yahoo! Data Breaches Unlikely to Derail Verizon Deal

The series of #databreach from Yahoo had many speculating if it would impact the previously announced acquisition by Verizon. An article recently from Bloomberg reported that the major data breaches were "unlikely to derail Verizon Communications Inc.'s $4.83 billion acquisition".

The Map of Last Week's DDoS Vulnerabilities -

Last week, news of a major #cybersecurity event occurred when a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on DNS service provider Dyn. Major website and applications such as Twitter, Github, Reddit, and Shopify were taken offline due to the attack.

Confirmed - CenturyLink to Buy Level 3 -

We discussed the prospect of this #acquisition happening last week and the announcement of CenturyLink acquiring Level 3 has officially been announced.

Senator Calls for SEC Investigation into Yahoo Breach -

A massive #securitybreach was announced by Yahoo, in which some 500 million user accounts had been stolen in 2014. This likely drew concern from the new bosses over at Verizon, but also seems to have drawn the attention from the United States Senate.

What Does The Public Cloud Sector Look Like by Year-End? -

Naturally, the #cloudcomputing sector is something we keep a close eye on. It's fascinating watching the IaaS industry grow at the rate it has. The article we linked to above provides an interesting forecast about where we might expect the industry to be by the end of the year.

Yahoo Sale Deal Reported - $4.8 Billion from Verizon -

Some major #acquisition news to discuss today, as it was announced that Verizon will acquire +Yahoo for a sum of $4.8 billion in cash. The deal was reached over the last weekend and the merged organization will become one of the largest telecommunications companies in the country.

Valuations of Public Hosting Companies - July 2016

Another installment today from the #ChevalCapital blog to share with you all! We've summarized estimates of the relative valuations of some public companies that have significant hosting operations.

SoftBank Acquires ARM In Record Deal

A #merger deal, the largest ever for the Japanese company SoftBank, was reported at approximately $32 billion earlier this week. The company will acquire ARM Holdings securing a stake in virtually every mobile computing device on the planet.

Yahoo CFO, Sale Process is "Well Along the Way" -

Ken Goldman, the Chief Financial Officer for Yahoo Inc.'s described the position of selling the company's core business as "well along the way".

Is The Government Squashing Merger Activity This Year? (OPINION) -

This post title comes from an interesting article in +Business Insider discussing corporate merger deals falling apart and the influence that policy makers have in this situation.

Mary Meeker's 2016 Internet Trends Report -

One of the more eagerly anticipated #slidedecks for Silicon Valley is delivered each year by Mary Meeker at Code Conference.

Cloud & Managed Services Sector in Europe Poised for Growth, Consolidation -

Is the #European M&A market for #cloud and managed services heading into a strong Q2 for 2016? An article recently published in +Telecom Ramblings suggests this may be the case.

Lessons Learned from A Decade of Amazon Web Services -

Werner Vogles discussed some of the lessons learned over the past 10 years, you can read the full article by following the link above, but we thought it would be helpful to share some of the insights

Is a 5 Year Labor Trend Reversing Itself? -

Americans are returning to the work force in large numbers. These so-called "shadow workers" those who are employable but have left the workforce have kept a lid on wage increases.

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Applying for an SBA Loan: Documents You Will Need

That past few posts on the #ChevalCapital here have been following a trend, have you noticed?

We have been discussing the ins and outs of SBA loans and how they are used to help finance the acquisition of online businesses.

Today, we're going into more detail about how to go about applying for an SBA loan. There can still be quite a large amount of confusion out there about applying for an SBA - especially when the funds will be used for the buying or selling an online business.

There is also a myth that the process is complicated and difficult.

Today we wanted to share the key documents that you need to apply for an SBA loan. Here's a short clip from the blog entry:

Personal Financial Statement – all SBA lenders require a fully completed personal financial statement.

3 Years Personal Tax Returns – these will be used to validate your financial records.

4506-T Form – this is used to validate the accuracy and the filing of your provided tax returns.

Loan Application Form – this will be bank specific, but since the loan comes from the bank (the SBA only guarantees it), they will likely have a loan application for you to complete.

Borrower Information Form – this is for SBA purposes and helps them track who is borrowing and how much. This is for statistical purposes.

Pro-Forma Financial Reports – the bank will want to see your projections for the company you are acquiring.

Click the link to go read more of the process of applying for an SBA loan on our blog: (

#business #loan #information +Frank Stiff

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How to Buy an Online Business With an SBA Loan: The Process (

Earlier this week we posted about how to #secure an #SBA #loan. SBA backed loans used to be quite tricky to come by. However since 2009 the process has become a little bit easier. So today we wanted to share with you the process behind applying for an SBA loan to purchase an online business.

The following is an excerpt from a guide that we published on our blog all about the process of applying for an SBA loan:

There are two types of lenders who participate in SBA lending – preferred lenders and standard processing lenders.

The major difference between the two is found in the underwriting process. When you work with a preferred lender, the bank can manage the underwriting process without submitting your paperwork to a regional SBA office for review.

For a standard processing lender, your loan request needs to be reviewed by a regional SBA office.

Working with a preferred lender is usually significantly faster. That said, even if your bank is a preferred lender, they may choose to send your loan through standard processing if there is any uncertainty on the loan.

So just because you are working with a preferred lender, you may still find yourself waiting as the loan is reviewed by a regional SBA office.

Most SBA Loans Are Completed In 45-120 Days

To find out more about the process of applying for a SBA loan visit our website to read the full article on the blog: (

#business #fintech +Frank Stiff

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Plesk Acquired by Oakley Capital

The #software #platform +Plesk has been acquired by Oakley Capital. The deal between Oakley Capital and Plesk has been reported to be for $105 million. This acquisition is set to allow Plesk to better support their partners in the areas of Wordpress, DevOps and microservices.

Here is some more information about the acquisition from +Web Host Industry Review:

“We want to drive more innovation and make Plesk a more complete solution so that our partners can push more sophisticated solutions into the market,” Plesk CEO Nils Hueneke said. “We really want to widen the use-cases far beyond simple web hosting.”

Control panel platform Plesk is one of the businesses that spun out of Parallels two years ago, along with Odin, the automation and billing business, which was sold to Ingram Micro in 2015, and Virtuozzo, which also operates separately.

Click the link to read the full article on The Whir: (

Cheval Capital (

#technews #mergers #fintech +Frank Stiff

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United Internet in Talks to Acquire Drillisch

The #online service provider United Internet is currently in talks to #acquire Drillisch AG, a German wireless operator. The deal would allow United Internet to boost themselves against competition Deutsche Telekom AG and Vodafone Group Plc.

German company Drillisch has an estimated value of $2.89 billion and could be worth an estimated $8.76 billion euros. The acquisition could be announced this week, however the terms of the deal are still not being disclosed.

Here is more information about the potential deal via The Whir:

Taking control of Drillisch would make United Internet the No. 4 wireless operator in Germany, marking one of the final steps of consolidation in the industry after Telefonica SA’s 8.55 billion-euro purchase of Royal KPN NV’s E-Plus unit in 2014. The companies agreed to divest spectrum to get regulatory approval at the time, which provided an opening for smaller players to grab a larger share of the market.

Click the link to read the full article: (

Cheval Capital (

#mergers #technews #fintech +Frank Stiff

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Melbourne IT Acquires WME Group

The #Australian based company Melbourne IT have acquired the digital marketing agency WME Group. The deal was finalized this week for $29 million with the hopes that it will place Melbourne IT as a leader in the small to medium-sized business market.

In acquiring WME Group, Melbourne IT is now the owner of three subsidiaries WME, Results First and Nothing But Web. The WHIR reported on the acquisition and what it means to Melbourne IT moving forward:

“The Melbourne IT of today is almost unrecognizable from the Melbourne IT of three years ago. This acquisition will build on the success we have experienced to date in providing managed marketing solutions for small businesses,” Melbourne IT CEO Martin Mercer said. “WME Group is a logical and strong strategic fit with MLB, where managed marketing solutions are now the growth engine for our SMB division. We expect this powerful combination will enable us to grow ARPU at faster rates through enhanced cross sell and customer retention, as well as boost critical capability in search engine optimization solutions and advanced customer account management.”

The deal will be funded through a combination of debt and shares at the issue price of $2.10. Melbourne IT shares finished last week’s trading at $2.15 on the ASX.

Click the link to read the full article with all of the details about Melbourne IT’s acquisition of WME Group: (

Cheval Capital (

#finance #fintech #technology +Frank Stiff

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Buying Online Businesses with an SBA Loan (

Using an #SBA loan to acquire an online business is a relatively uncommon approach - but it is possible.

SBA-backed loans were extremely difficult to be qualified for back in 2009. Today, however, SBA lending is alive and becoming a more common funding source for mergers and acquisitions. And in fact, our team has really changed our opinion about SBA-backed loans for online businesses.

We recently published a comprehensive guide on the Cheval Capital blog for using SBA-backed loans for the buying and selling of online businesses. We linked to the full piece above but wanted to share a clip with you all today:

I reached out to one of our recommended lenders at a major bank to ask him every question I could think of about SBA loans, as well as relying on our extensive experience at Quiet Light Brokerage.


For the online business being acquired, the most important metric the SBA looks at is the business’s current earnings. The SBA wants to make sure you will be able to comfortably pay the loan with the business’s current earnings. Like many loans, this is determined by analyzing a debt to earnings ratio.

Check out more through the link above!

#fintech #technews #finance +Frank Stiff

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OVH Acquires vCloud Air

#OVH has finalized the deal with #VMware to acquire vCloud Air this week. With this acquisition, OVH has now gained the data center and customer operations and support teams of vCloud Air.

The notable key change that will be made to vCloud Air’s current operations will be a name change to vCloud Air Powered by OVH.

Here is some more information about the acquisition as reported by +Web Host Industry Review:

The company plans to continue to partner with VMware on go-to-market and customer support around vCloud Air use cases, including data center extension, data center consolidation, and data center recovery. OVH has repeatedly been recognized as VMware’s service provider of the year and has more than 200,000 VMs already running VMware vSphere Private Cloud.

“vCloud Air customers can expect a seamless transition to OVH with high-touch customer support and increased access to OVH’s global network and modern, highly-automated green data centers,” Russell P. Reeder, President and CEO of OVH US said in a statement. “OVH is proud to welcome the sales, support, account management, and infrastructure operations teams from vCloud Air to the OVH family. We’re inspired by the ongoing conversations we’ve had with vCloud Air customers across the globe and look forward to delivering valuable innovation to solve their rapidly evolving business needs.”

Click the link to read the full article: (

Cheval Capital: (

#technews #acquisitions #technology +Frank Stiff

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HostingCon 2017 Valuation Slide Deck (

If you did not get a chance to attend #HostingCon or even if you did, we've got a great recap of +Hillary Stiff presentation at this year's Cheval Capital presentation on current valuations and hosting and cloud markets.

Take a few minutes and check out the full deck through the link above! If you have any questions or want to discuss more details, please feel free to get in touch with our team through the link above!

Disclaimer: This post is for general information purposes and is not meant to be taken as financial advice, a recommendation to buy or sell any stocks mentioned above, a comprehensive discussion of valuation or how to do the calculations discussed. Please be sure to consult your financial advisors when valuing your company, considering the sale or purchase of a business or making other financial decisions.

#valuation #technews #fintech +Frank Stiff

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Hello Cyxtera

#CenturyLink recently unloaded it's #data #center and colocation business to a consortium of PE buyers. The newly re-launched data center business will be under the new name Cyxtera Technologies.

An article in Telecom Ramblings discussed more about the restructuring:

Cxtera begins its life with 57 data centers making up a footprint that spans 2.6 million square feet of raised floor capacity and 195MW of power. Along with the CenturyLink infrastructure, the new entity includes the four smaller companys Cryptzone, Brainspace, Catbird, and Easy Solutions. Taking the helm as CEO is Manuel Medina, former CEO of Terremark before the sale to Verizon and the driver behind consortium member Medina Capital Advisors.

Meanwhile, CenturyLink ks keeping a foothold in the company with a stake of about 10% to go along with net cash of $1.86B before taxes. Those funds will go toward the company's larger purchase of Level 3 Communications, which is still expected to close in Q3. CenturyLink has retained the hosting and cloud assets that run out of those data centers and will be a significant tenant of Cyxtera both for their own capacity and for ongoing sales to customers. Some 700 CenturyLink employees have made the shift over and will be needing new business cards.

Check out more from the article here: (

Cheval Capital: (

#fintech #technews +Frank Stiff
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