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Chet Haase
Graphics geek, comedy nerd
Graphics geek, comedy nerd

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My new article on software development estimation is live:

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ADB 74: Graphics

+Romain Guy and I talk with Mathias Agopian from the graphics team about all kinds of low-level stuff like SurfaceFlinger, PixelFlinger, buffering, tearing, optimizations, ...

I love this kind of episode because we get into the details of things that people outside the Android team may not know about because it's below the level of the public APIs. Fun stuff.

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The recording of my talk with +Romain Guy at 360|AnDev, "Finding and Fixing Performance Problems", aka "Fantastic Tools and How to Use Them" is now available online:

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ADB Episode 73: Persistence

[Better title: "ROOM for Improvement"]

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ADB 72: Architecture Components - Lifecycle

+Tor Norbye and I spoke with +yiğit boyar and +Sergey Vasilinets about the new Architecture Components APIs announced at Google I/O, and about lifecycle support in particular.

Whenever you hear that an engineering team is doing a "sprint," don't believe it.
They just sit there.

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ADB 71: Things

In which we talk about things with people from the Android Things team.
Things like that.

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ADB Episode 70: Color

+Romain Guy joins +Tor Norbye and I to talk about color. How it works and what new color-related features are enabled in Android O Preview.

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In our continuing effort to overwhelm your podcast client, may we offer:
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