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How Safe is #Botox when Applied to the Upper #Lip for Smoker's Lines?

#Botox   or other muscle relaxers like #Dysport and the new #Xeomin, are one part of the treatment of #smokers' upper #lip lines.  Part of the lines comes from the wear and tear of the puckering of the lips during smoking.  Slightly relaxing the muscles helps reduce the intensity of that wear and tear, which helps to slow down the worsening of the lines.  But, the lines also need to be filled in to look better; that is usually done with either Restylane or Juvederm.  Plus, the lines are usually etched into the surface of the skin, so patients usually will benefit from some type of laser resurfacing.   

There's no miracle for improving these lines, but an experienced physician who is skilled with all three types of treatment can usually help a great deal.  And most important, for the sake of your health as well as your looks, #stopsmoking   smoking

In experienced hands, #Botox can work very well to soften #lip lines.  Depending on the patient, a combination of Botox, #fillers and #laser treatments will give the best result.  Hopefully, you have stopped smoking.

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In 1987 two Vancouver doctors, Jean and Alastair Carruthers, accidentally discovered cosmetic properties in a toxin normally used by ophthalmologists. Their discovery changed the face of beauty.

The theory is that when the drug is injected into stomach wall muscles it slows the speed at which food travels through the stomach. In theory, this means that patients feel fuller for longer – and hence they will eat less!

#Botox On Trial As Weightloss Solution

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Male botox becoming more popular | Barry Goren recently jumped back in the dating g

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Smile With Confidence With Same Day Teeth | Smile With Confidence With Same Day Tee

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Ban non-medics from giving Botox | Only trained doctors, nurses and dentists should
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