Foul Play: easily one of the silliest movies I've seen all year--and that's saying something, as I've watched 65 movies since January. Goldie Hawn, the lonely librarian, accidentally gets involved in a plot to assassinate the Pope (oh?). The evil would-be assassins, including an albino and a a hit man named "Rupert Stiltskin" aka "the Dwarf", attempt to recover evidence of their plot that was planted on Goldie by a hitch-hiker. Chevy Chase is the cop assigned to protect her from these cretins. All of this silly plot, plus the /1970s/ (Goldie asks a man in a bar to hide her from the albino by taking her to "his place", and he busts out a stunning collection of 70s sexy paraphernalia, like a velvet-covered murphy bed and an armoir full of blow-up dolls) makes for a guaranteed good laugh. Of course, the trailer tells you nothing about the movie, except that even from his first feature film, Chevy was like an excited puppy with a long tail in a china shop (or is that a bull?). Also not included in the trailer are the Japanese couple Chevy and Goldie accidentally kidnap who don't understand any English except for that Chevy is "a cop, like bang bang Kojak!" A+.
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