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What is the best way to set up a Google Analytics account for clients? My main stumbling block is that if I set up an account for them, it asks for birth date and I don't know that. So if I set up an account just for that particular domain, it's messy. Is there a another way?
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When will we be able to view the iThemes-Builder101 training? It is still listed in upcoming courses.

I have traditionally used subfolders to develop client sites. Should I have a "playground" of my own to try out different plugins? Should I create two subfolders for each site, one for staging and one for production?

I created a one-page WordPress website for a client, with a header and sidebar, in essence a sales page. Now she wants a full website added. The domain name for the website would be domainname/home, etc and the sales page would be just the domain name. One option would be to do a second WordPress install in a subdomain, but I'm exploring other ways to do that. I am using Genesis/Prose. If I set the sales page to Landing Page, I lose the sidebar and header. But if I add the menu to the rest of the site, it also shows up on the sales page. Maybe I could use Genesis Simple Sidebars and add that to the sales page and then insert the header onto the sales page?? Is that a sloppy way to do it? Is there a better way?
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